Eye Screening Saves Sight

Hi my name’s Sergio I’ve been living
with diabetes for ten years I work with my healthcare team to manage my diabetes
Doctor Manzi is part of my team We regularly discuss diabetes management together Hi I’m part of Sergio’s health care team Sergio’s been living with diabetes for some time now and doing well I knew he has some advice he wants to share Thanks dr. Manzi It’s not been easy living with diabetes but one thing I have learned is that
it’s important to keep track of How diabetes is affecting my eyes
I know now that if I get my eyes checked regularly we can detect potential changes early
and this is obviously important With everything I have to take care of
I can’t imagine losing my vision Even a little There are three things we can do for ourselves
to help prevent eye conditions from developing One: Ask our diabetes
doctor or eye specialist about our risk of diabetic eye disease Two: Keep optimal control of our blood glucose and blood pressure and Three: Regularly visit an
eye specialist to have our eyes checked One in three people with diabetes will
develop an eye condition called Diabetic retinopathy in their lifetime Diabetic retinopathy occurs as a result of high blood glucose levels which in turn may
cause damage to the small blood vessels in the back of your eye
If left untreated it can lead to vision loss Diabetic retinopathy is the leading
cause of blindness in working age adults However if you catch it early you can
largely prevent vision loss The longer you leave it undetected the worse it could get A huge part of my life relies on good
vision I can’t imagine losing the ability to drive, read, use a computer and
recognize people And so with dr. Manzi’s support I made an appointment with my
ophthalmologist for an eye exam It doesn’t take a lot of time and for most
people is completely painless now I feel reassured knowing that my eyes are in
good health If you’re living with diabetes get your
eyes checked regularly It’s recommended that those with type 1 diabetes be
screened at least every 1 to 2 years Starting 5 years after the onset of
diabetes and that there is with type 2 diabetes We screened at the time of diagnosis
and then at least every 1 to 2 years thereafter With this approach your
healthcare team can help you catch any changes in your eyes early
and offer treatment to protect your vision If needed Now I have my eyes checked every year So I can continue to see what really
matters to me I encourage all people with diabetes to
be proactive talk to your doctor about your eye health and don’t forget to get
your eyes screened on a regular basis Eye screening saves sight For more information about eye health
visit www.idf.org/eyehealth www.hollows.org
And noweyeknow.com

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