Eye Surgery Cancelled through Prayer

star can you tell us like a little bit
about like the background how a little bit about what was happening before you
started coming to hungrygen yes so actually I was struggling a lot
personally my relationship was struggling a lot too I fell into a
really deep depression and I remember sitting in my living room crying my eyes
out I’m smiling right now but it’s crazy because if I go back I don’t even know
how I got out of it but it was God so I was sitting in my living room crying my
eyes out I literally asked God give me a sign I need a sign from you God then it
comes a hiking trip came up that’s where I met Paola and that was God’s sign she
told me about this hiking trip and I remember I actually told my sister I was
like I don’t really want to go on the hiking trip whatever it’s my day off and
then I just felt like the spirit like I didn’t even know Holy Spirit was talking
me I just heard the word like evangelism and I was just like okay this like I
have to go cuz these new people that I’m gonna meet like I’m gonna be able to
evangelize to them and I just felt it so heavily on my heart and so when Starr
told me like you were my sign like you were my confirmation it just touched me
so much because at the time I didn’t know that the Holy Spirit was speaking
to me but he was and it’s just so amazing to see what the awesome
breakthrough that has happened in your life so can you just share about like
the amazing testimonies that you’ve seen in your life yeah so actually there’s so
much peace in my relationship now not just them but when I was going through
all this um at the age of three my daughter got her eye surgery so she got
this small little tumor it’s called a calathea and even adults get it now
it’s basically blocked oil glands from your eye and it ends up in a little
tumor but about the time we realized that she had this tumor in her eye it
was too late medicines weren’t gonna work so she got an eye surgery when she was
three come back in September of this year she gets the same bump again and
her eye but this time in the different eye we take her to that eye doctor
he’s like I’m sorry like the bumps like too far developed already she’s gonna
need another surgery when he said that I remember crying so much because that’s
the one number one thing that I didn’t want to go through again and have to put
her through it again I started coming to service in October to watch Paola she’s the
one that invited me here I started coming and then after like two times
that I came alone I decided to bring my husband and my daughter and then we
started coming a lot a couple months past the bump didn’t go away the eye
doctor was like you should wait and like wait out a month and see if it goes away
cuz sometimes it does it didn’t go away just grew bigger okay so I was at a
service at a Wednesday service and I was like wait a minute there’s one thing I
haven’t done prayed so I decided to pray and I prayed really hard I had a
conversation with God and I asked God to help heal my daughter and heal my
relationship every single day when she was brushing her teeth we would open
that eyelid just to see how was progressing well the day I prayed I
didn’t check her eyes for two days two days later she was brushing her teeth
and I’m like here we go open her eyelid it was completely gone and praise God he is so good and then
star was expressing to me how excited Audrey is yes so actually she had no
idea I had prayed for her I ended up telling her like a month later what was
going on and how that little bump went away cuz she even realized she’s like I
don’t have a bump no more i don’t have a bump no more i don’t need surgery she was so excited
I pick her up at school one day and her teachers were like she was talking about
how God healed healed her to cuts and to her friends yeah and that really touched
my heart because I came here seeking a relationship with God for myself but he
came into my daughter and he came into my husband yeah praise God
Audrey can you just testify can you share with us that the bump is no longer
there yeah do you tell do you tell your teachers and your classmates about God
and how he healed you yeah awesome praise that God thank you so much star
thank you so much Audrey for sharing your testimony hi there this is Lana
thank you so much for watching this testimony I bet you were blessed if you
would like to see more of these testimonies please subscribe and thank
you again for watching


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