EYETRACKER EXPOSES ME ft. Yassuo & Pokimane

Oh My god You can’t do this dude. You just look you do this to me chance. Oh Wow, they look they look great with their faces check. Oh Look at that beautiful portrait. Holy those shoes for those enemies Uh, listen listen guys, it’s not as hard it’s not What the fuck are You so quick I don’t want to watch this no Sure, this is cap cries. Oh not wrong with them just it’s not for me Whoa You know, my man’s wearing a cup or we got mandingo wrestling all of a sudden Focus focus. Oh my I’m so fucked. I’ve actually I’ve actually put Jesus Christ, well, I feel that pretty quickly You’re gonna admire how like fucking it How fortunate he is like like I have so much fuckin hair on my legs. I can’t I can never do any of this. I Can’t stand a brand-new child It’s so pretty And that’s not me She has pigtails like Jamie, okay. I only seen feds true colors This is fucking like what is this wait? Yeah Look at this, dude This wig, this is ninth grade no this that way Holy shit Ninth grade this was three four five five years. Oh my god. Yeah five or six years ago Oh You know what? You should see Yes, sodomy, I don’t manage it, but hey hurry We looking at what are you looking at? Why are you checking me out? Fuck you check it out Why are you covering your eyes you can’t cover your body did you see them go together? What do you mean? This is fucking cleavage? Really? That’s not fake. Got to be real So this is a song this picture wafer linked to me he said what do you think about this girl I’m just clicked on them. I Swear that’s Do you see by the way What what are You laughing at Okay, I sighs me this way oh dude it those are my favorite That was my favorite I kind of just seen I Took this photo would you say inside? I already know what’s Look about skipping Okay, that doesn’t count though because I was ha oh my god fuck I’m actually dot looking there. It’s bugged. It’s bugged right? I’m just saying Okay I’m not looking at your tits. I chef just looking at you Yes, yes, yes, oh dude Wow those fucking boxes, holy shit. They’re huge. Oh my god Listen don’t post these pictures like white Posen’s hot white posters White taking that photo Photo


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