F.O.S. – “Mắt Đỏ (Red Eye)” [WD’s Project: Sci-Fi 2013]

What is the difference between good and bad I just know that The goods are loved and the bads are hated So, I’m not a lovely guy. But I believe that No one is pure-hearted Have you ever ignore helpless people? Or jealous with the better ones? Evil is human’s instinct But your pride is hiding it. But I’m not. The problem is Human don’t dare to cross the lines Cause they bring consequences But If there are no consequences Sure you will not try it once? Hello Linh How can you know my name? I met you before No records? And an educated, nice person. Let me guess Heart-broken? Drugs? Kill while you are high? Wow, you know so much about me Even more than myself. Stop it I’m trying to help so be serious You are the one need help You know what electric chair is? Guy like me afraid of an electric chair? Your main character won’t die that easily Actually, I have gifted abilities Controlling people is so easy Kill them by their hands And kill them too to cut the leads. No consequences. He keep going from this one to another. When will it ends? Who are you talking to? Who? This is the 13th one Suicide again? Damn it Are they in the same gang? Think about it Is there a gang that has same way of talking Same way of acting And even die like each others? What you mean is Nah, you won’t believe it, let’s just stay with the gang thing-y But I really want to close this case Keep an eye on the next suspect Don’t let him suicide again Got it?
Don’t let him suicide again Got it? Him?
Got it? Him? I mean them Got the next lead? Alright! And the truth about human’s telepathic abillity Some say it’s crazy, but it’s an scientific aspect. Human always send out their thoughts But in a different new language And only a few people like me could understand and respond to those signals The main is always late, huh? This is the 14th time we’ve met And it’ll be your last I believe there will be 15th time The people you controlled are good people Let them go Stop torturing them That so? But I bet you won’t agree when you see what I see Because what I do Is using bad guy To kill another bad guy But really Is that making me so evil? Not everyone has rotten soul like you! Good talk Then let’s end it tonight All right, all right You won, you won You know I am Good for nothing Guys like me Better be dead Don’t be so sad That easy? Or you won’t to be the next murderer? This is my mind Not yours I said this will be the last time Dead Or be my toy? I got a better choice Oh, that’s new You think you won? You think after 14 times I don’t get anything? I found your original Your true identity Then what’re you gonna do with your condition now? No I can’t do anything There will be another one destroy you instead of me Your evil may propagate Don’t think justice Cannot Human are not the same There are good people and bad people This world is not red Just your eyes see it red! Wait and see! I’m afraid When you get this message, your partner is already dead Believe or not But 13 murders are by the same man He has telepathic power to control people And our poor friend is the 14th victim Unbelievable! But that’s the truth No one can’t refuse the exist of telepathy And I too have telepathic ability I’m the one who help him with his most complicated cases But my condition now makes me not able to do anything So can I ask you for your help?

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