Fear (7/10) Movie CLIP – We Have Something That Everybody Wants (1996) HD

[Steve] Hello, Laura? Nicole?
Come on. Somebody pick up. – Shit!
– [Beeping] Hello, Margo. This is Mr. Walker.
Is Nicole with you? Do you know where
David McCall lives? [Sighs] [Horns Honking] How are you?
I need to talk to you. – Help! [Screams]
– Shh! Shh. You gotta listen to me, Nicole.
To me. The real me. – [Panting]
– You gotta use the one thing
you have that can hear the real me. It’s not here.
It’s not what I say. It’s not here. It’s not the way
you see me acting. – [Breathing Hard]
– It’s here. – [Muffled Gasp]
– That’s what it is, Nicole. You know it. I know it. Your daddy knows it.
Everybody knows it. That’s why they’re tryin’ to keep
us apart. They’re just jealous. – [Muffled Gasp]
– We have somethin’ that
everybody wants but nobody has. – [Crying]
– We can’t let them
take that away from us, Nicole. – It belongs to me and you. Okay?
– [Sobbing] – [Bathroom Door Opening]
– [Kissing] I love you.
I love you. [Sobbing Continues] – Help!
– [Bathroom Door Closes] Somebody help me.


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