Fear of Pain: Managing Pain After Cosmetic Surgery

I think that everybody that has cosmetic
surgery is afraid I’ve had cosmetic surgery and I’ve had other surgeries too
like an appendectomy and my gallbladder out and every time I have something done
I know that I have a little fear and I think it’s normal I think that if you
come in and you have no fear that makes me afraid that’s a surgeon you should
have a little bit of apprehension when you come in if you if you have no
apprehension whatsoever then you’re not very bright
that’s what maybe you’re not even appropriate for surgery if you have no
fear at all now it’s there’s a difference between being confident and
and having no fear I think that you can be confident and still have fear but
fear stops people from coming in fear of pain for instance there are a lot of
people that for instance don’t want a tummy tuck because they’re afraid of the
pain that’s one of the more painful procedures that we do but the reality is
that we do them every day and we get the patients through it as comfortably as we
can like we have things like long-acting local anesthesia now and we have pain
pumps and we have better drugs than we’ve ever had and so it’s not nearly as
bad as what it used to be for a tummy tuck when I trained we used to put
people in the hospital for a week for a tummy tuck and
we send them home now and they oftentimes come back the very next day
with very minimal pain but pain is is one that people fear go ahead and hit
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