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The FG-47 (a.k.a. SpaB-54) is a Chinese solid
rocket motor burning HTPB. It was developed by China Hexi Chemical and
Machinery Corporation (also known as the 6th Academy of CASIC) for use in the Long March
2C SD/CTS/SMA third stage. It had its inaugural flight on the Iridium-MFS
demonstration mission on September 1, 1997.It has a total nominal mass of 160 kg (350 lb),
of which 125 kg (276 lb) is propellant load. It has an average thrust of 9.8 kN (2,200
lbf) with a specific impulse of 288 seconds burning for 35 seconds, with a total impulse
of 353 kN (79,000 lbf).==See also==
CTS Long March 2C
Iridium deployment

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