Five on 5 – Michelle Marikos – Oregon Pain Guidance

KRISTIN: Welcome to the Five on 5 we’re
are pleased to be joined today by Michelle Marikos of Oregon Pain Guidance. Michelle thanks so much for being here today. MICHELLE: Thank you for having me. KRISTIN: There is a forum coming up talking
about chronic pain. Why do we have a forum like that? MICHELLE: Because the chronic pain population
is vast ignored and we want to be able to education our population, educate the medical
community of what it’s like to live with chronic pain. KRISTIN: One in five people in Southern Oregon
suffer with chronic pain. MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: So there’s somebody watching tonight who is going through this. What is gonna be talked about during this
forum? MICHELLE: We are going to give practical pain
management skills, tips, tricks, information about all of the alternatives and really bringing
the community together. KRISTIN: And you’re really a success story
in regards to this, you’ve lived it. MICHELLE: Yes, yes I’ve lived with chronic
pain for about 15 years and tapered off of high dose medications and now live my life
a different way with chronic pain. KRISTIN: And so this is gonna give people
those same tools that you were able to utilize. MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: Talk about some of the speakers that will be there. MICHELLE: We have three great speakers. David Cameron is from Oregon Health and Sciences
University, he’s going to be doing a little bit of a report on a focus group that they
did last year using the community forum. Then we have Dr. Daniel Clauw and he’s coming
from University of Michigan and he’s dynamic and then we have a local practitioner Josh
Graner that’s going to give practical pain management skills, tips and tricks. KRISTIN: A lot of helpful information. MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: And we’ve got much more to talk about but we are gonna take a quick break. We’ll be right back. KRISTIN: Welcome back we are pleased to be
joined once again with Michelle Marikos of Oregon Pain Guidance. Michelle thanks so much for being here. MICHELLE: Thank you. KRISTIN: So we have a community forum on chronic
pain coming up, let’s give the people the details. When and where is this taking place? MICHELLE: So this Thursday May 4th from 5-8
pm at Central High School main gym. 815 South Oakdale. KRISTIN: Excellent and there was a change
of venue. MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: So if some people were already planning on going they may have been hearing it was
going to be at the Armory is that correct? MICHELLE: Yes the Armory is still under construction
so we moved over to Central High School gym. KRISTIN: Ok so we want to make sure that everybody
takes that note in case they were planning on coming. You’re also offering transportation to the
event; talk a little bit about that. MICHELLE: We are for Oregon Health Plan members,
Jackson Care Connect members and All Care members there’s Translink and Ready Ride
available. KRISTIN: Fabulous and so they just have to
…. MICHELLE: Call and reserve their transportation. KRISTIN: Excellent and that will get them
to the high school? MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: Where can people get more information if they’re interested? MICHELLE:
KRISTIN: Excellent and as far as the price? … I think it’s my favorite number. MICHELLE: It’s free
KRISTIN: And there’s also gonna be some really incredible opportunities for raffles
and things like that? Talk a little about that. MICHELLE: Yes we have some great raffle baskets,
we have local salon baskets, we have great gift certificates to give away and we also
have a free dinner from Olive Garden: soup, salad and breadsticks. KRISTIN: Ok so everybody needs to come and
check this out, right. MICHELLE: Yes
KRISTIN: Anything that I missed Michelle that you thinks important to touch on or that you
would just say to our viewers who are maybe considering whether or not they should come
to this? MICHELLE: It’s a really great event. It is just a great event. KRISTIN: Couldn’t have said it more simply. Michelle thank you so much for being here. MICHELLE: Thank you. KRISTIN: We’ll be right back.

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