Fix Dog Maltese Dog Tear Staining in Less then 2 Minutes a Day!

good morning everybody is tear staining on your dog or cat driving you crazy have you tried every product have you heard different advice and you’re not sure what to do about it hi I’m Carrie Petersen I’m with doggy bow I’m here today to show you a follow up video i did a video that showed a new product called always bright eyes and I put it on last night when you first start the product you’re going to want to do it twice a day and then you can back it down to once a day so what I’m going to do is last night I applied it and Isabella this is Isabella she’s a Maltese and I applied it last night and you do not have to rinse it out all you have to do is comb it out the next morning you just comb just comb out the old powder like this you can see that it still has some powder the powder is what helps to lighten the product is all-natural is made from herbs there’s no harsh chemicals no bleach no peroxide nothing in that it’s going to hurt them so i’m going to do is I’m going to come out from last night ok then what i’m going to do is I’m going to take the liquid this is the liquid and i’m going to put a little bit little bit in the top of the cup will take you less than two minutes less than two minutes in the morning if you don’t want them to have a real goopy face you can put a minimal amount of liquid on then you’re going to put the powder on like so it’ll be a pasty consistency the key is to rub it in so first you put the powder on then what you’re going to do is you’re going to rub rub rub you gotta rub your going to work that in going to work the powder into their their face okay the powder is going to help the lighen the tear stain it’s going to help to keep try going to stop the yeast from going in there and you want to keep that dry ok so as you can see I’m working it in the closer you can get it to the skin the better you’re activating the powder by rubbing it ok so i’m activating the powder ok there’s nothing that’s going to hurt their eyes there’s nothing that’s going to make them sick if they lick it you can use it um don’t put it in the eyes but you’re going to put it right up close to the eyes so that if the tears are running down to absorb and if you want to just run a comb through it like this that it won’t look so clumpy and she set for the day then i will do it again tonight if you have any questions you can comment below and we offer international shipping on this product you can order i will post the link below to go in order and basically if they if you’re in the United States the shipping is free anything overseas you will need to go to my my cart and you add it to your cart and then you can the powder is right here called always bright eyes and there’s nothing harsh in it or anything like that it does not have cornstarch in it and basically you do the liquid first you saturate the hair and then after that you’re going to add the powder to it and you’re going to rub in you can ask you can have too much powder that more powder better now back to what i was saying so in the United States your shipping will be added but i will be refunding the shipping after I go in there process the order if you’re overseas and you want to know how much shipping would be all you need to do is add to your cart it will estimate the shipping for your address and you can just order from there if you have any other questions comment below or send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon as we can and Carrie Petersen with Doggy Bow have a great day bye bye


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