Flight Attendant | Phoenix Red Eye TURBULENCE Vlog

I just checked CCS my schedule and
scheduling gave me a turn for tomorrow a red-eye turn for tomorrow night so I’m
eating an emotional support pizza your girl needs it it’s really easy and it
gets me back here at 5:00 a.m. the next morning so I can’t be mad and I have a
late check-in so I can get plenty of rest and do what I need to do tomorrow
and at least I have a lot of notice so it’s okay sometimes you just have to be
go with the flow it is what it is but anyways I’m gonna get down to this high
because it looks alright it is about 6:10 p.m. I am well-rested and ready
ready for this redeye in this evening about to head over to Starbucks I have
plenty of time to get something to drink check-in is going to be at 6:37 p.m.
we’re on these 737-900 I believe and our departure time is 7:30
7 p.m. so I’m ready to get this night rollin it’s gonna be a long one but you
know what we’re gonna make it okay so we are in Phoenix
it is about 9:45 we have about two hours and we’re on the same plane so we used
to just kind of hang we decided we would all try to nap so we
turn the lights out until the cleaners get here to clean the plane up but
anyways a super easy flight in but had the
biggest bout of turbulence I’ve ever experienced thus far I’ve been flying
for about eight months now and thank God and me and my friend in the back I thank
God we were already sitting in our gem seat so when it happened
because the plane literally went side-to-side like completely and had we
been up like we didn’t know it was coming it just hit and had we been up it
would have really like thrown us it wasn’t really freaky cuz we were sitting
down but people kind of freaked out and then once we got back out into the
aisles to clean up trash and everything we kind of hit it again and I literally
just like dropped to the floor and hung onto like the armrest of whoever
was next to me and this poor lady I kind of freaked her out she was like are we
okay I was like kids were fine you know I have to like smile even though I may
be freaking out inside I was like we’re fine
you have your seatbelt on you’ll be great and then the captain asks us to
take our Tom seat so we immediately went back and strapped in we didn’t get up
for the rest of the flight yeah but that was kind of the biggest I
hear it gets it gets worse it gets a little bit scarier especially when you
hit clear air turbulence like that that you really can’t predict but thankfully
the crew was ok and we all checked in on each other and made sure that we were
safe but anyways that is kind of all that went on with this red eye you know
what’s odd about this red eye is it really doesn’t feel like a red eye
because it’s 9:45 now just because of the time change this fight over here was
relatively quick and the red eyes that I’ve worked in the past have been like
going from LA to Chicago or something that feels a little bit more
transcontinental and usually we’re on a 57 not a 37 and the 57th really it’s hard work on a57 it’s just a much
longer 737 and the galleys aren’t as lovely I guess
on the 57 anyways this service just felt super nice and easy and have a really
cool crew so that definitely makes it more fun but anyways I feel great and
well rested and ready I’m not tired yet so that’s nice but I am going to hang
out and maybe take a nap maybe just kind of chill out and compress and get ready
for the next leg one leg back to Chicago and then we are going home officially
they cannot use me not one more day not one more trip after we get back uh
anyways I will catch up with you guys in a bit okay Phoenix red eye officially
complete and I have been released my days off from cruise scheduling they put
us on hold whenever me and my friend called to get released and we thought
for a second day that they were gonna turn us and give us something else and
oh my god I would have cried it is just about 5:00 a.m. here in
the airport is absolutely a madhouse per usual at 5:00 a.m. I’m heading to the
crew room to get changed got a flight home coming up at 8 a.m. so I’ve time to
get changed maybe have an omelet at the crew room and then head to my fight and go
home I’m so so excited it’s go home Dave and I have six days
off after that so it’s gonna be a great trip

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