why do we choose floraglo. the lutein
and zeaxanthin in floraglo are derived from the beautiful bright orange colored
marigold flowers. floraglo is produced with micro encapsulation technology a
proprietary process that combines superior bioavailability and stability.
it is the brand most recommended by eye doctors. It is studied in over 80 clinical trials. it is the only blue light patented lutein brand protecting the eyes from over exposure to everyday devices causing digital eye strain and damage Lutein has been well known for eye health, but more recently it has been extensively studied in brain health it is important in both brain development and the preservation of brain function including learning memory
and language studies have shown that those with higher lutein level performed better on tests of crystallized intelligence the ability to access and
use of our memories and experiences the human body doesn’t naturally produce
lutein and zeaxanthin so it is important to get these nutrients through food such
as 3 cups of spinach a day or 10 milligram of floraglo lutein which is
included in the daily serving of Allysian Elements plus.

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