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– Hi guys Kristen here
with Millennial Moms. Today I’m gonna talk to you about taking your baby
on a red-eye flight. (acoustic song) A lot of people are
worried to fly with babies on long overnight flights. But personally my husband
and I absolutely love it. For two main reasons. First, not a lot of people
take red-eye flights. So if you’re lucky there’ll be a seat between you and your
spouse where your baby can actually sleep on a seat. The second reason we love it
is that babies sleep at night. Any time we’ve taken the red-eye flight, our daughter has slept the entire time. Now that she’s 10 months old, she’s getting to where she’s
crawling during the day and she wants to be really active. Flying during the day is hard but if we fly at night she’s
gonna be asleep anyway. So she just sleeps the entire flight. It makes it a lot easier
from that respect. The first thing I highly
recommend you take if you are gonna be flying with
a baby on a red-eye flight, is a very large comfy blanket. This blanket is probably
big enough for a twin bed and here’s why we bring it. This works amazing to
kind of even out your lap. Usually on a red-eye your
baby’s gonna be sleeping on you unless you’re lucky enough
to have an empty seat between you and your spouse. So if your baby’s sleeping on your lap, if you have a big blanket like this one that you can lay across your lap so it’s not near as bumpy and it’s more of a bed surface, it’s gonna be a lot easier for your baby to sleep. Another thing that my husband and I do is on these long flights my daughter actually sleeps on his lap because he’s quite a bit taller than me. He has a larger lap and a larger surface for her to lay on. It makes it a lot easier and that way we don’t have
to hold her the entire time. The other thing I really
recommend you bring with you is a pacifier clip. If your kid will take
binkies these are a lifesaver when you’re ascending and descending because they help their ears pop. But put it on a clip and clip this in to your
daughter’s clothing. The last thing you want is her binky to fall on an airplane floor. Airplane’s aren’t the cleanest places. So yeah you don’t want
this falling on the floor where everyone else’s feet have been. But if it’s clipped on to
your kid it won’t fall off. If it does fall out of their mouth, it’ll just fall on this blanket you have and it won’t be dirty. The next thing that is a must
for us when we’re traveling on red-eyes are neck pillows. Most people put these around
their necks when they sleep and that helps a lot. But what I found very useful is to just have this to use anywhere. A lot of times when I’m
trying to get my daughter to fall asleep, I’ll end up in very awkward
positions on an airplane. Maybe the armrest will
be digging into my back, or I’m leaning against
the side of the plane kind of awkwardly. So having a neck pillow that’s
kind of squishy like this one you can put this anywhere and it’ll make things more comfortable. Usually I don’t put this around my neck, I put it behind my back
and it helps a lot. The next tip is to take
your stroller and car seat to the airport with you. Take it and check it at the gate. All they do is put it
underneath the plane. By the time you’re off the plane it’s typically at the
jetway waiting for you. It’s really really easy to
check a stroller and car seat all you have to do when
you get to your gate is go up to the ladies at the counter and tell them you want
to gate check a stroller and a car seat. They’ll give you two tags if you have a stroller and a car seat. If you just have a stroller
they’ll just give you one. These tags, they just
write your seat on it, your flight, where you’re going. They give you a receipt. They put this on your car seat. It’s that easy. You can keep your kid in
the car seat or stroller right until you get on the plane. Then you take them out, break it down. They do the rest of the work. I hope if you do take a red-eye flight with any of your kids, that some of these tips helped. If you have taken red-eye flights, or when you decide to
take red-eye flights, please leave me a comment down below and let me know how it went. What helped you out on
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