Ford Escape: What Do My Dash Lights Mean?

As a proud owner of a Ford Escape this may
be a new to you car and you may not be aware of what the lights in your dash mean. Not
to worry Richmond Ford West has you covered. We will explain to you the difference between
your indicator lights and warning lights so you know what actions you need to take if
one were to come on. Indicator lights are just a reminder of a
function that is currently operating in your vehicle, there is not need to worry if one
of these lights is illuminated. The Cruise Control Light – If this indicator
comes on, it’s only because you’ve activated your cruise control system. This light will
disappear when you deactivate the system. The Direction Indicator – When you activate
a turn signal, a direction indicator will flash. It will remain until you’ve completed
your turn. The High Beam Light – When you engage your
high beams to provide a clearer view while driving at night, this light will stay on
until you disable your high beams. The Traction and Stability Control Indicator
– If this light appears, and it’s flashing, it means that your Escape has experienced
a loss of traction and that the system activated to help the vehicle remain on its path. Once
the vehicle regains traction, this light will go away and the system will disengage. Warning lights are ones to take caution with,
you may need to bring in your vehicle for service or pull over to the side of the road
right away and turn off your engine. Battery – This light will appear if there’s
a malfunction with your battery or the vehicle’s charging system. You should turn off any unnecessary
electrical equipment and then stop by Richmond Ford West so we can check your battery’s
charge and the alternator. Engine Oil – If this light appears while
you’re our driving, you should pull over to safety as soon as possible and turn the engine
off. Proceed to check your engine oil level. If your oil level is sufficient, and the light
stays on, contact us immediately if the engine oil level is low, add oil to your engine until
the dip stick reads a normal level and check for oil leaks. Brake System – This warning light has two
different meanings. The best-case scenario is that your parking brake is still engaged,
and you need to release it to turn the light off. The other reason is that your braking
system is low on fluid. Stop by Richmond Ford West and have the system checked. Tire Pressure Warning – If this light appears
it means one or more of your tires is low on air. It is best to pull off and test your
tires pressure with an air pressure gauge or at an air pump. You may have run over something
and punctured a tire so it’s best not to ignore this light in case of a potential blow
out. If you have one of these warning lights come
on do not hesitate to reach out to Richmond Ford West, we are always here to help because
we are Driven by You!

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