Fox News Attacks Canada

quick aside here uh… cute little clip
from fox it’s a show called red eye a bunch of uh… reliable adolescents for these guys i
mean i think they’re absolutely ridiculous but this was not that important it’s just
shows you there to new mindset they retire by canada remember how
during the bush administration uh… they took southport literally and
they want to blame canada for everything i’m mad cow disease of those kenya
energy be blacked out in the northeast others canada and they would call senior by a in
canada but now it’s not over uh… they want to be going off oxes
let’s watch this wants to act and nationwide down
sometime in two thousand eleven members of the canadian military are looking to take a much deserved
break and by certain members i mean all of
them personnel and equipment shortages
canada’s lieutenant general andrew leslie unusual name for a man who lives
in italy has told the senate dvd-rw last week was we’ll have to explore the possibility of
taking a short awfully celebrate that is synchronized
of at least for one your meeting the canadian military wants to
take a breather citizen dole their paint landscapes right on the kitchen gorgeous like the
pretest leslie added that there’s no one to
repair the same two hundred anybody tanks personal interest to try it out so i think this is needed to get their
armored act together got i’d go to you first because is a very important question i
want to take it seriously because it is the perfect time soon be this ridiculous country they
have mail r_d_ i didn’t even know that they were in the
war complex where you go you don’t wanna play exit dylan canada’s disallowed
that’ll be the tourism uh… yellow the that’s selling point for not
in the war for a year caillat while we have have taken katie country does does that help happened people who get away with this if they didn’t share all border with the
most powerful country in the universe now they’ve probably what it and i mean
this is surprising give us and he has a price is hidden in the world is stupid
about how tell me that i’d say that we are not the
only five percent and they have now received from our costs rise heavily
armored cars you want for instance you have bulletproof vest extenders
wonderful little red jackets that can be seen on my out all night there’s not a smart cards
are granted outstanding manicures again make everybody saw that disneyland is your name monica what most
of europe does anyway which is just rely on u_s_ air and said well i think you
take a year off from their military if they didn’t have that this is really
backed up with the united sates that the other delay that greg is canada starts this
was not a border mexico financeiro on an army to remember effect any mexico that
makes the cssc it’s happening it’s clear the venezuela guyana this summer man who’s in his lifestyle artwork i don’t know why men to take this is the
moment he uses it for a second debate i thought we want them that we was was
detonated both of the world right before cork with live bush told me that everybody then
the coalition will in the ireland a ship and uh… etcetera was they were all absolute critical so i
don’t know why you get down there to support and but the thing that and drove me crazy was when they got too our profits often bob so closely no reports of we’ve got tax what you moron their crime rate is for lower than ours so how do you explain that genius so perhaps there crime prevention works
a little bit better than ours that perhaps riding around in tanks and
gays and everybody you see mentioning about right is not the right way to go god workshop it was like uh… oh
portland audiences assault on the product instead of using its feel what did you wanna have some that discussion on the issue of canada in the u_s_ uh… spending money now for the defense of
canada that’s a real discussion at look is it true that canada doesn’t
understand the logic on money and depressed cuz were basically bring them
absolutely what has to wonder why are we spending
so much money on defense we go one point eight trillion dollar
deficit was laid out more and the plaza where the most up or
is in the press so yeah out with your list of canada you know
what like you take care of certain percentage
of our defense budget offer that’s okay you wonder that of course not c_b_s_ the that our crew on fox news
alert we are going up discharged you know at this time for
patriotic duty right now your tough guy in everything in indeed the biggest tax then why he showed up about him we can’t have a boat what’s right uh… needlessly did in order to use


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