Galaxy S8 – 3 Things Samsung Didn’t Tell You

– Damn this is a sweet shirt. Joycon Boyz. Yo guys, Jonathan here. Literally just got back
from New York to LA where I had a chance to go hands-on with the brand-new Galaxy S8. During the plane ride back while I probably should
have been sleeping, I spent a majority of the time reading comments from you guys. And there were some
pretty interesting things that Samsung really didn’t talk about. Now to quickly answer this question Yes, in fact I will be giving
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definitely drop a line and say what’s up. Now before I jump into the juiciness, I wanna preface this video by stating: I am a fan of the Galaxy
S8. I’m excited for it. It is a beautiful device,
but there were definitely some question marks
after yesterday’s event. Firstly and rightfully so, there is a ton of hype
around Samsung’s big, beautiful edge-to-edge Infinity Display. Which packs a pretty impressive
2960×1440 resolution, but if you check out the website
and look at the fine print things get a little interesting. The Galaxy S8 is advertised
as a 5.8″ quad HD display which designates 1440p. Same goes for its older
brother, the Galaxy S8+. But then come the asterisks. Infinity Display: a
bezel-less, full-frontal Damn, Samsung getting PG13 except you’re not getting
a full-frontal in PG13 so it’s actually rated
R edge-to-edge display. Where it gets juicy though
is the next asterisk. Default resolution is Full
HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD in Settings. So what this means without
all the fancy-pants tech talk is even though Samsung is clearly marketing this as a 1440p phone, out of the box it is set to 1080p. Now before anyone out there freaks out and runs to grab a pitchfork, I personally do not think
this is a huge deal. I thought I was in Canada for a second. A wild Linus showed up. – Hello everybody. I have no idea what video this is. I’m gonna assume it’s about
like Apple sh*t or something. – It’s actually Samsung. – Oh. Okay. Well that’s cool too. – I’ll see you in a little bit, man. Have fun with your thermal
paste and overclocking. I will. Love you. Yeah it’s a little weird with Samsung clearly marketing one thing
and then delivering another. Especially in fine print, but at the end of the day if
you want those extra pixels and that extra screen real-estate, it is something that you can
quickly change in Settings. I assume the sole reason
Samsung is doing this is simply to manage
efficiency in terms of power. Plus for all we know it could be part of their eight
point battery inspection to keep those batteries cool. Now next what I wanna talk
about if I’m being honest is something that blew right past me in my limited amount of
time with the device. That is regarding the camera. Specifically, the rear shooter. We all know the front-facing
camera got a solid upgrade up to eight megapixels
better in low light. So that part is cool. But if you look closely, the rear camera is pretty much
the same as the Galaxy S7. Honestly why I think it blew past me is when I saw 12 megapixels
I kinda just assumed cool they’re keeping
the megapixels the same, but they’re gonna widen up the aperture. They’re gonna make the pixels bigger. Insert fancy marketing term here or here. But in actuality it is
pretty much the same. Now again, I don’t necessarily think that this is a deal breaker. Maybe if anything it is
one less reason to upgrade from the Galaxy S7 to the S8. But it is slightly weird that there is no advancement whatsoever
in terms of the rear camera. On top of that I’m also pretty surprised that Samsung did not opt
to go for two cameras. Maybe on the Galaxy S8 I could see that, but it’s super surprising not to see that on the Galaxy S8+. If you caught my hands-on yesterday, there really are only two
differences between the two. The Galaxy S8 is a 5.8″ display. Whereas the Galaxy S8+ is a 6.2″ display. But both share the exact same resolution. The difference however lies
in the battery department. The Galaxy S8 features
3,000 milliamp hours, but the Galaxy S8+ is
slightly larger at 3,500. So you can clearly see there really isn’t that big of a gap between the two. And maybe if Samsung would have at least opted for a dual camera in the S8+, that would have made sense. Now lastly, something that personally I still do not have clarity on. I’ve read conflicting reports of some say yes, some say no. And that is whether or not the Galaxy S8 features stereo speakers. I kinda just assumed no
because Samsung did not talk about it at yesterday’s event. If it were a new feature, you would think they
would wanna brag about it but they did not say a word. Still though, I’ve read
some articles that say yes it does have stereo speakers and some that say no it clearly does not. So if you guys have any insight, definitely let me know as well. Now flipping the switch and talking about some things that you may have missed but
on the positive side. The Galaxy S8 is actually the first phone to feature Bluetooth 5.0. What’s cool about Bluetooth
5.0 is you can actually output to two separate Bluetooth devices and control them individually. So if you wanted to go
to a pair of headphones, to a Bluetooth speaker, or two headphones, You can do that. And I guarantee someone out
there is gonna be unimpressed. Why do I need to output
two Bluetooth devices? And come on man, it is cool. Maybe you’re on an airplane,
you’re watching a movie. And you want to stream audio to two separate Bluetooth headphones. Maybe one person likes
to listen to things loud and the other has super sensitive ears and needs to keep things down. Did you ever think about that? Lastly, and just to clarify. Samsung did mention this yesterday. I just happened not to
talk about it in my video and thought it was worth mentioning still. With each Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung is including a
$100 pair of AKG headphones which I thought was awesome. Aside from that, hopefully
you enjoyed the video. Maybe you found it helpful. Go ahead and hit that share button. And if you could not get enough
of the Galaxy S8 goodness, make sure you check out that video here. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.


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