Genteel gets blood from diabetic dog without pain

This is Abby, and we’ll be
testing her blood sugar with our Genteel device. We have shaved a small spot
on her hip, about two fingers from the base of her spine
at the base her tail. Right here is the end of her tail, and we’re about two fingers from her spine, and we’ll be testing in this area
right here that we’ve shaved. I’ve heated it with a rice sock and applied a small film of baseline to help the blood to pool so we can test it. I’m gonna hand the phone over to Dad here. And we will try to check, I’m hoping he’ll be able to see well. We just apply it to the area here, we push the button. She always jumps at the sound of it
but she’s not feeling it at all. I can assure you that. The blood is pooling, I don’t
know if you can see it inside the little bubble there. It looks like you can see it there. And we just wait till– I wanna
make sure it is a good size bit of blood so I don’t have to do it twice. Sometimes it takes a little longer
than others, but that’s what makes this device wonderful, it uses suction to bring the blood to the surface and you wait until it’s
a good enough size drop and you don’t have to stick them again. But it’s completely painless,
she doesn’t even feel it. Okay, nice size bit of blood, I already had her meter and test strip ready. And we’ll see what Abby’s blood sugar is. 93. That’s really good for a diabetic dog that we’ve worked diligently to
get regulated, and she’s diabetic a year on January
the 6th coming up, and being able to monitor her blood
sugar at home on a regular basis has been able to preserve
her eye sight at this point because they do normally go blind fairly early in the diagnosis. So being able to use the
Genteel to keep her blood– her blood sugar checked, and keep it in balance has been a gift
that we’re grateful for. Thank you so much!

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