Getting caught by a Witness in Red Dead Redemption 2 – Witness

Okay – there’s somethin Hey now no closer mister, I am just passing through Hey now not one step more now listen, I don’t want any trouble Hey, this is your final warning. Listen, you mind your business and I will mind my business good day, sir Hey!! Hey! I saw that! Ahhh shit! I am a witness to this murder! Look I was just defending myself. Thats not what I saw! He attacked me first I’m off to tell the authorities God damn it Look sir, wait up No leave me alone Wait – wait up Now listen I need you to promise me that you’re not gonna tell anybody about this you hear I’m gonna tell the sheriff I’m gonna tell everybody no you’re not gonna tell a goddamn soul. You’re gonna hang for this mister, and on a side note… If I was such a dangerous murderer which you are no I’m not You are No I’m not. why on earth Would you announce to me that you would witness me murdering somebody? Well because I needed you to know that I knew I need you to promise me you’re not gonna tell anybody about this no Listen is there anything I can say to persuade you… Not to tell anybody Not on your life mister Hey! I saw that! ahhh shit I’m gonna go tell the sheriff Wait up Hey guys, thank you so much for watching We are Viva la dirt league and we make a ton of other video game clips just like this one So if you like this be sure to subscribe. Thank you very much. Thank you buttons right there


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