Gimp: Course For Beginners 11: Red Eye Removal

In this video we will see how we can remove
the red eyes from an image. Right click on the image in your image folder,
go to open with, and click on Gimp. Before applying the Red Eye Removal filter,
we must do a selection of the boundary of the iris of the eye(s) having a red pupil. Go to the toolbox and click on the ellipse
select tool. In the tool options we click on the second
mode, which is add to current selection. Click the option feather edges and make the
radius 5. Then we check the option fixed aspect ratio, which
by default should be 1:1. In that way we will get a circle shape when
we make our selection. Place the cursor between the eyes. When we press and hold the Ctrl key, and then
roll the mouse wheel, we can zoom in. Now we drag out a circle shaped selection
in the iris of one of the eyes, as shown in the video. By click and drag inside the selection we
can move the whole selection. Then we do the same with the other eye. Now go to the menu bar, click on filters,
enhance and then on red eye removal. When we place the cursor on the corner edge
of the dialogbox, it changes into a double diagonal arrow and we can pull out the window
a bit. Here we can zoom in or out, and with the scroll
bar we can move the image in the preview pane. By sliding the handle we can adjust the treshold
to our liking. Then by clicking the preview button of and
on, we can see the difference. Now click ok. Go to select and click none. Then go to view, zoom and fit image in window,
and there we have it, our red eyes are removed. To safe our work, we go to file. Here we go to overwrite, to overwrite the
original image with the corrected image. I hope this helps. Please, do not forget to give it thumbs up,
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