Give Yourself Deja Vu

– What if your déjà vu wouldn’t déjà stop?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Déjà vu is something that… …70% of us human beings have
experienced. That’s most if you’re… – …good at math. And it’s that feeling…
– Huh! …that you’re experiencing something
that you’ve experienced before. Interestingly, I’m experiencing it a
little bit right in this moment. I didn’t realize that 30% of people didn’t
experience déjà vu. I mean, I don’t experience it that often, but the thing
that I have… – They’re called the non-vu-ers.
– The thing that I have observed… …is that whenever I experience déjà vu,
or I’m with someone who does… – …you’re compelled to talk about it.
– You gotta tell somebody. It’s such a strong experience that you
have to share it. “I’ve been here before! I’ve been picking
chicken outta my teeth… – “Just like this! On a Friday!”
– …(stammering) in front of… …a bunch of strangers painted in, uh…
uh… I don’t know. Into a portrait.” Oh. Really. Yeah. I’ve had that happen
before. And no one can appreciate it… – …when it’s happening.
– I don’t even know what that meant. No one can appreciate it
when it’s happening. – Yeah. It’s frustrating!
– But what IS happening? Well, actually, scientists are not exactly
sure what is happening, but the latest and best research suggests that essentially
what’s happening is a brain glitch. The part of your brain that is processing
long-term memory gets activated somehow. – The neurons fire, but you’re in the…
– Uh-huh. – …middle of just experiencing…
– A new thing. …a new thing every day. But you want to
make that past thing… make that present thing the past just because of something
that’s happening in your brain. But it just doesn’t happen to everybody,
and it doesn’t happen all the time. But what would you say if I told you
that there was a dude who had been – …in a déjà vu loop for eight years?
– Eight years straight looping? – I would say, “Let’s talk about that.”
– Yeah, we’ll, that’s what we’re… – …gonna do, Link. You [knew when]…
– All right. …this was happening here. Okay, so in
the UK — “Uhck” as I like to call it. That’s over there across the pond. —
there is a guy who has been experiencing déjà vu chronically
for eight years straight. Now, the papers over there will not reveal
his name. He has not disclosed his name. So we’re gonna call him “Phil” after
Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day, who lived the same day over and over
again. And if you haven’t seen that movie, what is wrong with you? You should
watch it now. Well, there was also a move called Deja Vu
that starred Denzel Washington. – Have you seen that?
– Mhm. Uh, yeah, I have. – But I don’t remember it.
– But if I showed it to you… – …again now would you remember?
– That is a great question. – That would be déjà vu!
– Yes, it would! Okay, well, Phil himself describes this
to his doctors as basically being stuck in a time loop. This has been such
a horrific thing for him that he stopped watching television, stopped listening to
the radio, stopped reading newspapers and magazines because he feels like he’s
already encountered the content before. He’s not even experiencing entertainment
anymore! Well, I mean… I feel sorry for the guy,
because I… (stammering) – I don’t like to watch movies twice.
– Mhm. I know there’s people who, if they have
a favorite movie, they’ll just keep… – …watching it. But I get frustrated…
– Right. …if I’m rewatching a movie. I’m like,
“I could be watching a movie I’ve never seen. Why am I watching
this one again?” And if you got kids, you have to watch
movies multiple times with those kids. But it doesn’t happen
all the time, you know? – Right.
– So he basically had to… – …shut his life down.
– Well, he ended up dropping out… …of college at 23 because it was just
debilitating. Now, first of all, he’s not alone in suffering from chronic déjà vu.
There are actually enough people out there to conduct a study about this to
see what’s going on with them. – Okay.
– So Leeds University in England conducted… …a study on chronic déjà vu. And I’m not
making this up, but there was one man who refused to participate because he said,
“I’ve already participated in this study.” It sound like a joke, but I’m not making
it up. Eventually they did talk him into doing it. They’re like, “Listen, but you
have the déjà vu. – That’s the point.
– You haven’t done it. Just come and… – …be a part of this.”
– Man, that’s wild. So what they figured out about these
people is that that thing that I was talking about — the glitch happening in a
normal person’s brain — – Mhm.
– …it’s essentially stuck on “on”. That part of their brain
fires all the time. – Remembering.
– So the long-term memory portion… …of their brain is firing, but they’re
experiencing new things. But they feel like they’ve experienced
it before. So they did a brain scan of Phil. He’s completely healthy. It turns
out his brain has absolutely no problems. So there’s no brain damage. A lot of
these people have some sort of brain damage that you can see
in a brain scan. His brain is totally good. – So it’s not a brain thing.
– No, but it doesn’t matter whether… …or not… (stammering) He still wakes
up like he’s living the same movie every single day, even though there’s
nothing wrong with his brain. Like Deja Vu, that movie starring
Denzel Washington. Have you seen it? – Um… Yeah, but… I don’t remember.
– But if I showed it to you… – …would you remember?
– That’s a good question. – That would be déjà vu.
– Mhm. Okay, so traditional science… …has failed you, Phil. Hopefully you’re
watching. Hopefully somebody will… – …send this to you.
– You haven’t seen this, Phil. – Please keep watching!
– Uh, yeah. This is all new. Traditional science has failed you, but
we found some other theories out there on the Internet that we think might
explain what is happening to you. And the one that I personally identify
with is parallel universes. – Of course I identify with that…
– Okay. …because I love the concept of parallel
universes. But I think there might be… – …something to this. And it is the idea…
– I’ll go with you. It is the idea that there is a Phil here
that we’re experiencing in our universe, but there is other Phils out there.
And when they experience or when they do the exact same thing in multiple
universes — it only takes two universes happening — when they cross over,
they both get the feeling that they are experiencing something they’ve experienced
before. Let me explain this by making a diagram. And we don’t have a whiteboard,
but we do have a whiteboy. So, Link, I would lvoe to draw on your
chest if you would let me do that. – Absolutely.
– I know we didn’t talk about this… – ..ahead of time. So hopefully…
– No. (laughing) I’ve been waiting for you to ask for
many episodes. – Hopefully you don’t have any weird…
– Almost 1000. …chest zits or anything like that that
I’m gonna have to navigate. – Well, let’s see. Got a weird…
– Oh! Is that a zit? Yep. That’s one right there, and
that’s one right there. You got two big zits, but they’re very
symmetrical. – One down there, too.
– So we’re gonna go with that. – Okay. Yeah, we’re doing it.
– We’re doing this? This is like the substitute teacher
that gets fired. – Yeah, doesn’t get brought back.
– Immediately. – Okay…
– You want shoulders, too? Just because they’re so conveniently
placed, let’s just say that this is a starting point of one universe.
Right around this nipple. – Mmkay.
– And, uh… this is another. – (Link) You’re blackening it.
– (Rhett) This is another universe here. So you’ve got Phil going along in the
current universe. And he’s just doing his thing. Just — hopefully this isn’t
ticklish — he’s just doing his thing. (Rhett) You know, living his life. And then there’s another Phil,
living his life. Just doing his thing. (Rhett) And then bam. One day, two
different Phils in two different parallel universes find themselves, like, ordering
one of those weird hot dogs on the roller at 7-Eleven. I don’t know what the UK
equivalent of that is, but you know… -…what I’m talking about.
– Mhm. Mhm. – And he think to himself…
– Don’t put your hand in that. …both Phils think to themselves,
“I’ve experienced this before.” And that’s a moment of crossover.
Right there. – (Link) Oh, oh!
– Right there. Right there. – Right there in that spot.
– (through laughter) Okay! – And then they what?
– The problem with Phil is that… …he’s living such a boring life that he
is caught — multiple Phils are just caught — in a rut. So see what I’m
sayin’? Right there. Right there. They are just caught in a rut.
Multiple Phils caught in the same… – …boring life for eight years.
– Hurts. So what they really need is Phil needs to
experience something to… – …SLAP (dull thud) him right out of it.
– Ah! – Just to SLAP (thud)…
– Okay! – Just do really, you know, mix things up!
– I get it. I get it! – So that then he can paaaaaaart ways!
– Oh! – And then do on about his business.
– Oh, look! It’s a happy guy! – Happy Phil!
– You see? That’s basically… – …what’s happening.
– Look at happy Phil. – And that will solve your problem.
– I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think what’s happening is precognitive
dreaming. – Oh, really?
– Yeah, this is when your brain… …predicts, when you’re in a dream state,
what you’re gonna live out after… – …you wake up. Lemme demonstrate
on you. Return the favor. – Oh, okay.
– Uh, so basically what happens is… There might be little problem with that,
because I was doing some complex math on my chest earlier. Uh, I have a
tendency to do that. (laughing) Okay, well, can
I use your back? Sure. I mean, I can’t draw on my own back,
so I haven’t done that. – All right, so typically what happens is…
– Is it clean back there for ya? Well, there are some dots.
THere’s a dot here. Let’s say this dot… – …is dreaming about — is that a scar?
– (Rhett) Yeah. – (Link) What happened there?
– (Rhett) I got a mole removed. Well, that’s now… let’s say you get a
mole removed. – (Rhett) Okay.
– You dream about that. Or, let’s say, you go on a date with
Rihanna. ‘Cause that whole Drake thing is just a PR stunt. Or let’s say that you
show up for your final exam… – (Rhett) Uh-huh.
– …but yo haven’t gone to class all… …semester and you’re naked and your
teeth are falling out and all of that. – (Rhett) Okay.
– And then you wake up from your dream… …and you live your life. You live your
normal life. Oooookay. (Link) And then boom! There’s an
intersection there. – (Rhett) Mm. Okay.
– And you find yourself naked… …in class. That’s what happens to
normal people. But Phil is a little bit different. He wakes up in the morning.
And then he makes himself some coffee. (Link) And then he might eat a sandwich
for lunch. And then he watches somebody die on Grey’s Anatomy after dinner.
And there ya go. And that’s his dreams, right? But then
when he wakes up the next day, well, lo and behold, we does all that
stuff because his life is lead in such a boring manner that it makes
it easy for his brain to precognitive dream the things that are gonna happen.
He makes it too easy. We gotta… – (dull thud) …slap him up.
– Oh ho ho! – Outta reality. And I think a…
– Oh! …happy tree. I think we should get
a happy tree here. – Happy tree could live here.
– Are you making that into an alpine? – And then there’s a house here.
– Okay, well… – (Link) Just a happy little house.
– You know what, you can draw… …on me later. But I think that the
application here is that we both agree. Even if we’re both not right, we both
agree that the solution to this is for Phil to experience something
completely unique. – Yeah.
– Phil, since we know you’re watching… …we’re gonna take care of this right
now. You don’t even have to do anything. All you have to do is watch what we’re
about to do, and I gan guarantee you that it’s never happened before.
You’ve never experienced it. This is gonna snap you out of your
eight-year déjà vu loop. – Okay?
– Mhm. Here we go. This is gonna be you, Phil!
All happy. So… – So, just maybe behind?
– Yeah. – And then over?
– (thuds) – And then we should…
– Oh! – Don’t hit me. I’ll hit you.
– (crew offscreen laughing) We’ll say something about Denzel.
Like, “Something about Denzel.” – Something about Denzel Washington.
– Something about Denzel. Yeah! – (to a vague beat) Den. Zel. Den. Zel.
– Washington. Washington. – Denzel makes me yell!
– Denzel! – I love some Den.
– Zel! I love some Zel.
I love some… – (both) Denzel!
– I love some Den. – Denzel! Denzel!
– I love some Zel. – I love some Denzel!
– Denzel! Denzel! Denzel. – Boof! Clear!
– Phil, I know you feel like you’ve… – …experienced this before.
– But you haven’t. – But you haven’t, and neither has Denzel.
– You’ve never seen his before. – Denzel!
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Never seen that before. Yeah. “Unisong about ingrown hairs!’ (unsure, drawn-out unison)
♪ (Welllll, sometimes) ♪ ♪ (I shaaaaave. My faaaaace.) ♪
(Link snapping) ♪ (And then there’s a buuuump) ♪ ♪ (that’s really painfuuuul) ♪ (horrible singing and Rhett laughing)
♪ (Ooooooooh, baby) ♪ ♪ (Look close at it. Look close at it.) ♪ ♪ (I see a little hair turning back in) ♪ ♪ (We gotta pull it out!
We gotta pull it out!) ♪ ♪ (We gotta pull it out!) ♪ ♪ (Doink, doink, doink, doink!) ♪ ♪ (Pull it out! We gotta pull it out!) ♪ ♪ (We gotta pull it out. We gotta) ♪ ♪ (Doink, doink, doink, doink!) ♪ [Captioned by Kevin:
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