Giving some gifts and love to people who need it ft. Red Eye Falcon

Hi! Where are you going like that? Where are you going like that? What is this on your head? We’ve got gasoline. So,we’re ready to go? Let’s go! Come on! This horn is very nice! This, yes this! Good evening to all of you! It’s Dukecat With a lot of fun. In a xmas mood It is a very special day because we are going to the center with my bro Manos to give presents! Red Eye Falcon is already waiting for us at the center We have been delayed about 20 minutes He is waiting us in Syntagma Square We will see where we will find him HI! He don’t want to say us hello Whatever! We are in a good mood! We’re ready to give presents! What’s up? Hello! Can we give you a little gift? Happy New Year! Bye! Our first gift! Yes! Hello! Can I give you a present? Can we give her a little gift? Give another one to the other girl Come on here The red one Here you are! Happy New Year! Hello Hi! Can we give you a present? hmmm… No? Whatever you want! Hello! Can I give you a little gift? hmmm… Hello! Can I give him a little gift? x 2 No, thank you. But why? I know that your child wanted my present!!!! Why not? Are you doing motovlogs? Yes! Can we give you a gift? Let’s give him one Come on! Happy New Year! BOY: motovlog… Don’t like motovlogs? hmmm… boy: Guys you are awesome! That’s a good [email protected]! (the xmas hats) ME: Can we give you a little gift? boy: I only want to know how you two put that hats on your helmet boy: Can I ask you something else? ME: Gon on! boy: Your bike is KTM 390cc? ME: No, it is 125cc Do you have a girlfriend? No? boy: Yes, I have. ME: Nice. Can I give you this for your girlfriend? boy: However (let’s take a photo with you!) ME: Nice to meet you Happy New Year! Goodbye! What’s up? ME: Are you OK? REF: what??? REF: [email protected]!!! (laughs…) ME: Hasta la vista baby! ME: What’s up? REF: Look there! (laughs….) ME: I will kill him! (laughs….) So, I forgot my bro and he is running to catch me! hehehehe… REF: Run, run (laughs….) REF: Heeeeyyyyy|! (horn…..) REF: She left, without carrying hehe… (laughs…..) Hello there! girl: Santa claus! ME: Can we give you a little gift? girl: Yes ME: This is for you! girl: What is this? ME: You will open it and then you will know! And this is for you (the man) man: Thank you! ME: Happy New Year! ME: Wait, I forgot the chocolates! Here you are! girl: Thank you! Are you Santa? ME: I have been sent by the Santa to bring some gifts girl: awwww thank you! (laughs….) Except from gifts we shared a little love! Once, I have been in a similar situation, without wanting to say a lot… You can make a loving attempt, a little one! Doesn’t matter! Happy New Year to all of you! Only Health and Love for ya! A BIG THANK YOU to my brother Manos and to Red Eye Falcon


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