Gretsch Electromatic G5422TDCG Review / “RED EYE BLUES” [EN CC] 「毎月10日はレッドアイの日」レッドアイ・ブルース

Good morning Everybody! OHAYO GOZAIMSAU! This is singer, composer and the chief of “RED EYE LOVERS” ITSUKA. Thank you for watching. Today is February 10. Which means it is “RED EYE DAY” RED EYE LOVERS members are going to have a RED EYE PARTY. Everyone, Let’s drink RED EYE tonight! Tomorrow, February 11, A great musician will begin his Japan tour. This person is known for his fashionable rockabilly rock ‘n’ roll style Yes, he is Mr. Brian Setzer. Speaking of Brian Setzer, the Stray Cats and Brian Setzer Orchestra are very popular in Japan This time he will perform as Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot. In this show he will focus on his roots of Rockabilly. I think it would be a lot of fun to see him in Tokyo. I would like to Feature a guitar that Brian Setzer also uses. Here we are at the guest corner. Today I’ll feature Gretsch Guitars. Check out the model number here, it’s too long to say I’ve been using Gretsch Guitars for a while now See this picture In a ‘rock’ style music video I used Silver Jet from Gretsch. And here. A very beautiful color
Snow crest white This used to be my friend’s guitar But he said this guitar looks better on you and he gave it to me. Thank you very much. Speaking of the features of the Gretsch It usually have tremolo arm Bigsby on it It makes a howawawawa sounds Brian Setzer often uses this arm during his shows. There’s a model called White Falcon, which is very similar to this one It’s called the most beautiful guitar in the world. It’s a really beautiful guitar just looking at the Gretsch website makes you feel like you are in a museum Please visit their website When I went to Namm Show 2013 as a reporter I was able to meet Mr. Fred Gretsch of the founder family of Gretsch. Anyway, Brian Setzer is the symbolic artist of Gretsch. Today, I will perform with Gretsch Guitar Playing my original song, RED EYE BLUES. here you go. Thank you very much for watching! Tomorrow is a day off because of the National Day. Have a great day!

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