Großartige Verbesserung in 2 Wochen – Retinitis Pigmentosa Behandlung / Gesichtsfeldtest als Beweis

HELLO ; MY NAME IS KATHARINE AND I’M FROM GERMANY FROM MUNICH I SUFFER FROM RP, RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA I have searched for a solution that could help me… … but in Germany it’s said that there’s nothing to do and I will be blind because of it… I found Dr.Osman Firatli while searching on the internet… … WHO TREATS HERE HIS PATIENTS WITH ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE Of course; I wasn’t so sure if everything here as pictured proceeds… …and if the results showed on the internet were true… … AND I HAVE PHONED WITH THE OTHER PATIENTS FROM GERMANY OR HOLLAND… they have confirmed and just brought positive results… …and they have said that it’s absolutely meaningful that I come, and that I can’t lose anything As a result; I contacted with the son of Dr.Osman Firatli, who can also speak in german …and he has explained me everything on the phone and per e-mail …he explained me how everything proceeds and how the treatment are.. what is going to be done here, and then I have booked a flight with the assistance of the clinic … and I came here, stayed in a hotel… here I performed a visual field test in an eye hospital before the treatment and came for the first treatment. The visual field test approved how bad my visual field was. That time it was only 10 degrees. we made a vision test also here, and behind me on the wall i could see 2 pictures … but there is all together 4 pics. …after the first session, I felt clearly better and saw 2,5 pictures in my situation, i have problems with the peripheral sides, but slowly I started to see from the sides I achieved everything now after just 7 treatment sessions… …I WAS ALSO IN EYE HOSPITAL FOR THE CONTROL AND PERFORMED A NEW VISUAL FIELD TEST… …i’ve felt myself very good here.. I was able to see things that I wasn’t able to see before, for instance the table before the doctor… …and in time things that stand on the table has been visible for me …I could also recognize items on the right and left that I couldn’t see before… maybe it wasn’t not clear but I could see that there was something……if people walk beside me ; now they are clearly noticeable for me… because of the movement! MY FEELING THAT MY VISION HAS IMPROVED, HAS ALSO BEEN PROVEN WITH THE VISUAL FIELD TEST EXAM AFTER THE 7 TREATMENT SESSIONS I HAD… in other words; the black areas on my visual field test has slowly turned to purple… … black areas are naturally very bad, it means that someone is not able to see anything from there… …the brighter visual field gets the better is the visual acuity…the best vision is with yellow colors AFTER 7 TREATMENT SESSIONS I HAD; THE YELLOW AREAS OF MY CENTRAL VISION HAS ENLARGED AND SOME OF THE BLACK FIELD TURNED TO PURPLE WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME… I am very pleased that I was here… … definitely I will come again. and continue my treatment as far as I can… I came with my son, the Firatli family has hosted me very friendly, they have explained me everything, even look after my son. I have felt myself very good here, Istanbul is a very beautiful city. ..and I will show you my test results with the next video… that you can see how my eyesight has continuously improved… … So , it’s me again, Katharine Semovic with my visual field test. I’ve told that I’ll show you that… Here, it’s my left eye before the treatment… fields are the areas where I can’t see anything… …the brighter the colors are the better I can see from there.. ..HERE IT’S MY LEFT EYE AFTER 7 TREATMENT SESSIONS… as you can see, here the red fields has enlarged more that is very good! here, if you can see it’s purple , so i mean, every color is better than black colors of course…and also, my visual acuity on the central vision has improved very much as the yellow areas increased like this….. and here, from red to green ; meaning that I can see clearer from there.. …it’s now my right eye before the treatment.. …as you can see, there is only a small area with yellow it means, that I can see the best from there… but it’s not that much that I am able to.. AND THIS IS THE LEFT EYE AFTER THE again, something happened here on the black field.. i mean, it has improved over here again..i can see more in peripheral.. and as it shows here in the central, my visual acuity has also improved, as the yellow fields grew bigger… …so it’s brighter here.. … and here is again for comparison, before and after in each eye… it’s nice here because of the size …and here there are everything with my right eye again…it’s easy to recognize here that the black fields become brighter and the brighter areas become larger… and this is very good !


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