GRWM Red Smokey Eyes Tutorial with Huda Beauty New Nude Palette | cruelty-free makeup tutorial

– Hey friends, it’s good to see you again. Hello to you new people as well. I’m Courtney, Phaedra and Nyx are chilling on the bed behind me,
and I’m just going to do a fun little chatty Get
Ready With Me, ’cause I’m getting ready to go out
to dinner with my friends. We do like a beer night every
other week on Wednesdays, and so, I’m really
looking forward to that, and I thought I would just play with some of my new makeup products, and yeah, just chat at you while I do it. I have been hooked on my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin lately. It’s a shimmery base. It’s kind of the perfect sort
of shimmery pink champagne for my skin tone, so I’m
using that as my primer. Now, you know I’m not
normally a nude or neutral eyeshadow person, however,
I really love mah-ves, mauves if you will, and purples, and reds, and pinks, and this palette, this the Huda Beauty New Nudes, these kind of look like
my colors, so I figure I’m going to try and put together
a fun look with this palette. I didn’t use Concealed,
which is like a cream shade. I am going to lightly
dust the eyeshadow primer with my Cozzette Powder in C1, just to basically make sure
there’s no super sticky parts. And see, just putting like
a light dusting of that on top of it really takes down the shimmer from the primer, ’cause I know some people won’t want to use this primer
because it’s so shimmery. And I bought a new product
to try for my brows. It’s Charlotte Tilbury’s brow product, and I think it’s called Perfect Brows, it’s whatever their darkest shade is. I decided to give this a try
to see if it will work for me. It’s a brown black, and I
normally hate brown blacks, but if it’s not warm it might be okay. And so far, I’m not hating it. So I was having a really
interesting conversation today with a friend about cruelty free and about how one of the things
that PETA has done correctly is they make it very easy
to be a part of PETA. And I think that the more
difficult you make it, the harder it is for brands, and the less you want to
jump through their hoops. And that’s why I think a
lot of brands, or well, the part of that conversation
was basically talking about the differences between
Leaping Bunny and PETA and why I think a lot of brands
are more likely to do PETA, which is just easier in
general, than do Leaping Bunny. Even though Leaping Bunny
really isn’t that difficult, it does take a little bit more work. Okay, I’m taking Love Bite,
which is like this color that looks like a deep burgundy wine, and I’m going to start
coloring along my lower lid. Okay, I’m going to take
that same color, Love Bite, and I’m using a Real Techniques B04 brush, and start building that color
up on the hood of my eye. I’m putting this on the lid, and into the crease and the hood, and just blending it out. I’m doing windshield wiper
motions, left and right, and then I’m going to
also do little circles. Yeah, I really like
the color of Love Bite, it’s really pretty. I am going to temporarily switch
to a slightly smaller brush, like a lip brush. Okay, so I’m going to be
building up more of Love Bite on my lid and in my crease. Okay, I’m going to take the color Lace, and I’m using a Bdellium
Tool’s 775 shader brush, and I’m going to sort of start blending the outer edges of my eyes. And I’m going to use the same
brush and take the color Bare and repeat the process again. I’m going to use my Sigma E35 to just, sort of softly blend all over. I’m going to take the color Excite, which is like a super,
super glittery color, and, pat this onto my lid. Actually, you know what, I
think this will work better if I use a little bit of, Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray to help hold it in place. All right, I’m going back to
more of that Love Bites color. And I’m really just trying
to make this outer part of the eye just look a
little deeper and darker. So I don’t know if you watch a lot of TV, because of dealing with
chronic invisible illness, I end up watching a lot of TV. So I’ve been watching this
show called Manifest on Hulu, which, it’s like, for me it verges on being interesting to feeling very much like it’s preaching about church. So I’m torn, because sometimes I like it and sometimes I’m just
kind of annoyed with it. But it’s kind of got an
interesting story premise. People go on a plane, the
plane disappears and comes back five years later, they
haven’t aged at all, and so they’re trying to
uncover this and what it means, and it, to me almost
makes me think that of, it kind of feels like
a watered-down version of Sense8 a little bit. I don’t know if you ever watched
that Netflix show Sense8, which I really liked it, but apparently was not that popular, so. In keeping with this whole red thing, I’m going to use burgundy
eyeliner from Tarte. Burgundy liquid eyeliner. And yes, my lash extensions
are still holding on, they’re still not gone. And I’m waiting for them to fall off, because I’m so ready for them to be gone. I’m just lining my upper lash
line, that’s all I’m doing. So this side has a burgundy
pencil, and I haven’t used that yet, so I’m going to
try that along my lash line. ♪ Where is my mind ♪ Really, I can’t find my fucking pencil? That is so annoying. Well, I can’t find the
pencil I was going to use, so instead I’m going to use the
Marc Jacobs In the Buff pencil. I guess I’m going to put on this
Laura Geller LashBOSS Mascara. I can’t find my good mascara, which is the Smashbox Super Fan, which I really, really love. This isn’t a bad mascara by any stretch of the imagination, but, it’s definitely not my preference. Yeah, I will be so much happier once my lash extensions
have completely fallen out and they’re not in the
way, because right now they’re just such a pain
to try and work around. But my eyes are almost done. Really, all I have left of my
eyes is to add my highlighter. So I’m going to start
on the rest of my face. One of the new products I got to try was the Pixi Skintreats
and the H2O Skindrink, which is a pure hydration gel. And I’m basically going to put this on my face to hydrate it. I mean, before I came in to do makeup I had cleansed my face and
prepped it and everything, but I thought it was interesting that this was a gel that instantly
rehydrates dry skin, considering that I’m somebody who does suffer from dry skin, although I am less dry
now than I used to be, which is great, means
that all the fucking water I drink all day is actually
making a difference. Pop my nose ring out. So, one of the cool things
that happened this week is that the drugstore brand
CoverGirl went cruelty free. I have a video about that on my channel, I’ll put a link up here in
case you haven’t seen it. And so when I was at Target today, I bought a couple products
to try from CoverGirl. One of the things I
bought was the CoverGirl TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. This is in the shade L10, Light Porcelain. So I’m going to mix this
CoverGirl foundation with my Danessa Myricks Prism FX lotion, because I love this shit, and from my understanding this product is probably going to be full coverage, or too much coverage for my taste, so I’m just going to mix
it on the back of my hand. This is my Urban Decay Flat
Optical Blurring Brush. So that was one full pump of the CoverGirl and of the Danessa Myricks. So I feel like I need a
little bit more coverage around my face in certain spots, so I’m going to go back and add more, in the areas where I
feel like I need more. And you can see, when I don’t cut it with the Danessa Myricks, it’s definitely very
yellow toned on my face. All right, I really don’t know how I feel about this foundation on me, but, I do like the fact that it seems
like the color’s going to work as long as it doesn’t change or go dark. So one of the new products
I got for my cheeks is from Kevyn Aucoin,
and it is the Neobronzer in Capri pink, which is cool
pink, it looks like this, and I’m going to basically run my brush along these colors and blend them together to make my cheek color. I washed my makeup brushes
earlier, and I thought I washed all of my brushes,
but no, just turns out I washed most of my brushes. I missed my blush brush
that I was hoping to use. And work it onto my cheek. I’m going to use a different
highlighter than normal today, since I always seem to use the same highlighter over and over again. This is Tarte Stunner highlighter. I feel like it’s just, I don’t know, I don’t think this
highlighter’s flattering on me, I feel like it emphasizes
pores and everything. Here’s another highlighter
I don’t wear all the time, which is Black Moon Cosmetic’s Squid. I’m just going to dust a
little bit of that up here. I guess for my lips I’m going to try one of these products from
CoverGirl that I bought. It’s CoverGirl Melting
Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick, and the shade Raspberry Gelly. The slanted tip is really good, it gives you pretty precise control. I do like this raspberry color a lot, I think it works really
well with the eyes. I’m going to do a little
bit of contouring on my lips with this color, which is called Gel-mate. Same product, by CoverGirl. All right, so I mixed both
of these colors together, which was Raspberry Gelly and Gel-mate, to make my lips, I really like it. I’m highlighting around the
eyes with Tarte Stunner, which is what I used on the cheeks, but I didn’t really like it, so I mixed other highlighters on my
cheeks to make it better. All right, so, I’m going
to go ahead and zoom in so you can see the
finished eye look up close. And, if I had, all of
my lash extensions gone my lashes would look so much better. All right, so that completes
this Get Ready With Me. Please be sure to let
me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.


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