Hall Pass – “Brownies… Of The Pot Variety”

Gentlemen, look what I got here. What are those? Oh, just some brownies… -…of the pot variety.
HOG-HEAD: Whoa. -What?
-We’re not on spring break. -Where’d you get those?
-From the guy who cleans my office. -Come on, who’s in?
-Ehh. Ahh …. No. Come on, you squares. It’s not the same as when you smoke it. When you eat it, it’s a much more mellow
buzz. Makes you feel sort of relaxed. -Are they chocolatey?
-Yeah. You know what, Rick?
This is spring break. You guys got a hall pass. You need to live it up. Might help your rap with the ladies at
the pool later. -Ha, ha. Correct.
-You don’t even have a hall pass. So? I can live vicariously
through you guys. It’s not vicarious if you’re
actually doing it, Hog-Head. Get off my back.
I’m just trying to enjoy a pastry here. [Rick sighs] Oh, what the hell. It’s not like my game
could get any worse. GARY: Come on.
FRED: Do it. -All right, give me one of those things.
GARY: Hee-hee. It’s a bit naughty. [ALL CHUCKLE] [CHUCKLING] WOMAN:
Hurry up! What kind of soap do you use? RICK: In the shower?
-Yeah. WOMAN:
Whats the matter with you? -Dove.
FRED: I like Dove. I like it, it doesn’t dry your skin out
so much. -Play through!
-Play through. Feel this. -That is so soft.
-Yeah. Golly, that is soft.
Hey, Hog-Head, come here, man. You gotta feel Rick’s skin,
feel how soft it is. HOG-HEAD: Ha-ha-ha.
-Hog-Ass, you okay? What the hell is he doing? [GIGGLING] RICK:
He’s got back spasms. -Not him. Him.
GARY: No, they were delicious. -Think your mother would give the recipe?
-Gary! What are you doing? I’m talking to the guy
who cleans my office! He says we took way too much! We’re only supposed to eat,
like, a quarter of a brownie each! [LAUGHING] What? Look, this is the third time I’ve had to flag
your group, and you’re on the 4th hole. Now, if I have to come out here again,
you’re done. -Sorry, we’re gonna pick it up.
-Ha,ha. I’ll see you, Jorge. [LAUGHING] Where was the last place you saw it? On one of the fairways. I grabbed e club,
took e swing, looked around, gone. -Vanished?
-Yes. Dude, where’s my golf cart? GARY: Not funny.
-Fred, knock it off. HOG-HEAD:
Hey, guys, I need to take a poo. Give us a second here. I think it’s been stolen. -Who’s gonna steal a golf cart?
-Criminals. -It’s probably jacked up on bricks now.
-Gary, you’re being paranoid. -I’ll tell you this. I do remember this.
-What’s up with this shit? I saw it on the 11th tee.
That’s the last I saw it. -We’re on the sixth hole.
-They’re cutting. Did we skip five holes? Shit, where are my kids? Anybody have any napkins? Come on, man! We’re getting cut on
by the Joy Luck Club. [HORN HONKING] FRED:
Nobody cares about this? -Is that the marshal?
-Should we say something? [HORN HONKING] Cops! Run for it! Cutters! [HOG-HEAD GRUNTS] HOG-HEAD:
Whoa. Oh …. -Speed up, speed up!
-I can’t! I’ve got it floored! [HORN HONKING] Well, cut through the woods! [HOG-HEAD & GARY GRUNTING] RICK: Come on!
FRED: Come on! Come on! RICK: Hurry!
FRED: Hurry! -Go! Go! Go!
INDISTINCTLY] Ed. Britney. Clones.


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