He Takes Pleasure in my Pain

Hmm.. Such an elegant celebration of love. Hundreds of guests are pouring their congratulations
and well wishes. I am so overcome with happiness. While I was taking in all the joy around me,
I heard a voice asking, “will you..?” He didn’t even have to finish his sentence,
I already knew what to say: “I do!” I answered filled with delight, while slowly
closing my eyes, puckering my lips, waiting for his soft, gentle lips to touch mine. But instead, all I got back was a tap on the
shoulder and the question, “excuse me miss, can you pour me a drink already?” When I opened my eyes I realized I was lost
in a daydream. I was so taken away by the beautiful
atmosphere of Ingfah and Chanons wedding where I was hired as one of the waitresses. When I turned to the source of the sound,
a servers biggest nightmare happened. I turned and knocked my entire tray all over him, spilling
everything that was on it all over his suit. I immediately tried to wipe it off gushing
countless “I’m sorry”s at him. He was not having any of it. He slapped my hand away and snapped,
“Just leave it, I will do it myself, you really should be more careful.” I apologized again and again and offered to
take his suit to the dry-cleaners. But instead of just accepting my offer, he
looked at his suit and got even madder, ” I said leave it, why is that so hard for you
to understand?!” And that’s about when I started to lose it, “ok fine. I won’t help you. What do you want from me?” I could almost see the steam coming out of
his ears, “Just focus on doing your job. If I was your boss, I’d fire you by now.” At this point, everyone in the wedding turned
their eyes on me and the stupid jerk instead instead of listening to the maid of honors speech. Before things got even more heated, the organizer of the party stepped in and profusely apologized to the jerk. Then she turned to me and told me to go home
with just half my shifts pay. I couldn’t believe it! The money he lost me was worth two meals and
a week’s transport to work! “Argh damn!” And while I was being told off, he looked
so smug and satisfied. So naturally I snapped I mean I was fired anyway, might as well make it count. I grabbed a champagne bottle, shook it and after I popped the cork, I turned the bottle to him and just sprayed him all over. Then I ran like I had never ran before. I don’t know if it’s far enough but I figured it should be. I took another gulp of the champagne to clench
my thirst. It really is so smooth, no wonder it’s so
expensive. Well, since I’m done with work early,
maybe I should meet Arty, my boyfriend. It’s been 3 months since we’ve last seen each other. I’ve just been so busy working all the time
– trying to save some money. I don’t just have a full-time job but I also
take small jobs here and there. So I never have time for him. I feel sorry for him but you know, he’s really
so cool about everything. He never complains and he’s always understanding. Oh well, relationships are never easy! “Hello, Hi Arty. I’m done with work, should we meet?” He quickly answers “I can’t, I’m with my mom.” “How long will you be with her?” “I don’t know. I have no idea. Ok I have to go, bye.” Wow he was really in a rush. Aw. That’s a shame. Nevermind. Another day… At first, I was really excited to come back home since I have been living abroad for 5 years. I even got to come to my best friends wedding. But all my excitement went down the drain
just because of one lunatic girl. There must be something wrong with her. I tried to get her attention like 20 times
but she still didn’t turn. Was the music too loud or what? Then when I tapped her shoulder, that’s when
it happened. And when I told her to stop wiping the champagne off of me, she wouldn’t even listen! She was making it worse by wiping my suit
with that filthy rag. Then when I tried to be direct with her and she
just got angrier, and started arguing with me. She was the one that was wrong. Why is she arguing with me. Then the champagne. My favorite suit is now soaking with champagne. It’s just my luck to come across a girl like this. Once is more than enough. Other than this unfortunate situation, my
return has actually been quite a blast. I got to see my old friends and be a part
of my best friends wedding. It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun. Yeah I do have a tough job.
People always say what I do is cruel and heartless. But I see it more like I bring balance to
corporations and it’s employees. As I was walking in the parking lot, I noticed
something on the hood of my car. Is that a burglar?
Where the heck are all the security guards? Wait a minute.
It doesn’t look like a burglar… It’s not moving…
Is it… oh no… is it dead? Oh please no. I mustered up all my courage and walked over. It’s a girl, and she’s alive. (Phew.) As I was taking a giant exhale of relief she turned herself around and I just stopped breathing altogether. It’s her! Unbelievable! She got drunk and passed out on my car from the champagne she used to spray all over me. I tried to wake her up but she’s completely
out, wasted. What a surprise. Whatever.
I gotta get her off my car. But as it turns out, that was much easier
said than done. I went back to the event room but everything
was packed up and no one was there. I tried to contact the organizer but nobody
answered. So I went back to the car to try find her
wallet. Maybe there’s some information about her in there. I didn’t find a wallet. just a locked phone. So I thought “Ok let’s try putting a cold
towel on her face. Maybe that would wake her up.” Ohh.. She got up alright, but just to threw up all over the suit jacket I had put over her. Great. Even unconscious, she still manages to taunt me. “You lunatic lush! Just stay here, see if I care!” I got in the car and tried not to look at
her through the rearview mirror but… I can’t… I just can’t do it.
She’s still unconscious. Go figure. “Damn it!”
I put her in the car so frustrated with myself. But I mean it’s not like I could just leave her there.
It’s not exactly safe. So I brought her home to sleep on my couch
and my housekeepers took care of her. What a day.
I need some rest. I really hope that tomorrow everything will
clear itself out.


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