Headaches & Jaw Pain Treatment in Charlotte NC: Amy’s Story

Well, I was having some problems with my jaw, especially on the left. And it was
causing me pain and headaches, and pretty much waking up with headaches every day and
and throughout the day having a lot of pain just on the left side of my face. And probably what my biggest
problem was that I was having was ringing in my ears. Well, I have probably been having pain for years and managed to kind of just try some other options to help get rid of that:
chiropractic and acupuncture and physical therapy. Lots of different things that were kind of temporary in help and so when I finally started having ringing in my ears that was probably only about six months ago and that’s when i got
really serious about finding a permanent solution. I can feel the good that they’re doing
while I’m in the appointment and I can also feel it when
I’m leaving. And it sticks with me afterwards too. And I’m actually feeling like when I come for my therapy appointments I’m getting sort of like a spa time for me. It’s very relaxing and helps a lot. And not only that, but I feel like the help that I’m getting is sticking
with me. I mean even from probably about the second visit I could feel complete help and that’s fantastic. I definitely would recommend this
treatment and I have recommended it. I have some friends, also flute players, who have
trouble — the same kind of trouble — and I have…they
probably are sick of me talking about it. I keep telling them, you know, how much help this could give them too.

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