Healing Ear Infections Naturally with Mullein

hey Mama’s it’s Nikki Jencen from
the Nikki Jencen show. I just wanted to just give you a quick tip here about
Mullein. Now this is an herb that really kicked some serious butt. How
I use Mullein (this brand is from Sprouts, which is a local grocery store
by me) but you can also get it on Amazon and I have a link right down in the
description that you can go ahead and grab your Mullein today and get it
delivered to your doorstep just fast and easy from Amazon. So, what is Mullein? Mullein is an herb and I use it for primarily to heal any infections
specifically I use it for healing ear infections now my kids they’ve never had
an ear infection, so I’ve never tried it on them, per se, but I get ear infections
and so I know firsthand that this stuff really works. When I told my
sister-in-law about it she ran out got Mullein and gave it to her son, (my nephew) Mullein infused
with garlic and put it in his ears and sure enough the next day ear pain went
away and the infection was gone so this stuff is an absolute miracle. You don’t
need to go to the doctor and take those horrible antibiotics that just
destroy the gut and doesn’t help them their immune system whatsoever. Mullein does not
destroy any part of the immune system but it boosts the immune system. So I
encourage you to use Mullein for infections especially in the ear. You
just take the dropper, like so, and drop it right in your ear. You don’t need much
and Mullein will last you a long time. If you want to infuse Mullein with garlic
yourself then you can put a little bit on the stove put garlic
in there and heated up on a very low temperature so that you’re not
destroying any part of the Mullein, but you’re infusing the garlic. Use the
the dropper and put it into the ear. That’s all that I have.
Thanks so much for watching!


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