Healthcast: Laser procedure helps treat dry eye disease, doctor says

it’s estimated that one in every eight adult or 33 million Americans suffer from some form of dry eye a condition caught that causes pain and sensitivity to light in today’s health cast local 10 medical specialist 50 through here looks at a potential breakthrough that could in some cases effectively cure this condition Christy pretty exciting stuff there are topical treatments to help replenish fluid in people suffering from dry eye and they’re also procedures designed to improve moisture flow from glands and the eyelids we’ve shown you that before too but now this is something new as well the IPL laser it’s the same laser dermatologists use to treat a variety of skin conditions now can also be used to ease dry eye syndrome ophthalmologist dr. ena azeroth says it works by really attacking the inflammation that’s associated with this particular disease which can be brought on by some skin conditions I think for from an ophthalmology coint of view I think it’s going to be a game-changer how we approach dry disease especially in patients who suffer from these inflammatory skin conditions now after just a couple of treatments with this laser patients are reporting normal vision and a reduction in pain and discomfort repeat treatments are typically needed to maintain that benefit also in today’s health-news when it comes to ridding your body of nicotine the best approach is actually going cold turkey studies now showing that when people quit smoking cold turkey their body experiences an immediate and dramatic drop in nicotine a chemical that increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes it also increases the risk of oral esophageal and pancreatic cancers and makes chronic kidney disease even worse so because nicotine is highly addictive going cold turkey does heighten some of those symptoms of withdrawal but health experts say that can be managed with medications with patches and behavioral therapy so best to go cold turkey get that nicotine right out of your system in with you health news and your health cast I’m Kristi Kruger right

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