Healthy Gaming: Eye Strain (Black ops 3 gameplay)

Hello Youtube, Grendaleez here for Morituri
eSports with another healthy gaming video. In this video we will be covering how to prevent
eye strain from long gaming sessions and old age… Eye strain is caused when the eye is exposed
to irritants that cause eye discomfort. Some of the symptoms of eye strain are… dry eye,
an itch, watering, blurring, dull ache, sharp pain, headaches, and any other possible different
sensations that occur in the eye or the head. With new screen technology the blue light
produced is one of the biggest contributors to eye strain. So proper viewing habits are
important. Even though it doesn’t happen when gaming protecting your eyes from U.V. damage
is also something to consider. When gaming it is best to be in an environment
that doesn’t contrast your screen. Setup your room so that the light doesn’t over power
the screen. And also avoid a dark room. You want the light to bring out the screen content.
Contrast helps reduce the accommodation your eyes have to go through. Avoid direct causing
glare on your viewing surface, best if you can place a lighting source behind the screen
off to the left or right. When using a fan or if there are heating vents in your gaming
area avoid directing the air flow directly to your face because this causes the eyes
to dry which leads to irritation and strain. Now if you were still having trouble with
eye strain after making the changes to your viewing environment you may need a pair of
glasses designed to help reduce eye strain. There are many brands out there and you will
have to do some research to find the brand you like. Some companies make generic gaming
glasses and these can work for some, but others may have to get a pair of prescription glasses. The glasses help by reducing the blue light
from the screen and reduce the glare. It is the coating on them that help them achieve
this end, but not all coatings are made the same, make sure you read up on the brand you
choose. If you liked what you saw here today hit the
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ask your health care provider. [Music]


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