Hearing Loss In One Ear?

man I still can’t hear out of my ear welcome back to another action family
video I hope you have an awesome day if you’ve been watching our videos you
probably haven’t known that I haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear so
I was completely lost my hearing and it’s been almost a month now and as you
can imagine it kind of throws your whole day off every day and everything that
you do Taylor keeps trying to talk to me and I
keep saying what because I can’t hear when she’s on the left side of me I have
an idea of what caused it there’s maybe a month and a half ago
that I started using q-tips to clean out my ears and it’s not something that I
had normally done but I just started doing it and it was a few weeks after
that a few weeks or a few months Taylor would you say like maybe a few weeks
after that that my left ear just got clogged
I couldn’t hear out of it so I kind of let it be for a little bit and then I
started looking at some like home remedies to clear unclog my ear so we
used hydrogen peroxide put that in my ear tried like shaking my head and like
all the stuff that you would do after you go swimming to try to get water out
of your ear and it felt like there was water stuck in my ear so then actually
an ER physician was out visiting the ranch
and so I went to talk to him to see if he could give me some advice and he used
this little tool and like went into my ear he like looked inside my ear and
started scraping some of the wax out sorry if this is gross but that’s what
this video is about today and he actually got a good amount of wax out of
my ear but well he was scraping he pulled like the wax had fired into the
skin on the inside of my ear so you like pulled some of the skin off so it
started bleeding and so he flushed it out with water and just kind of told me
to let it heal and then he gave me this earwax removal kit with like these drops
and and so it was about you know being clogged for
a couple weeks by the time I talked to that doctor and then it’s been a few
more weeks since then and I’ve used the ear drops and everything and yesterday
it finally got the point where I thought it was going to be all clear then we
drove somewhere we went you know high in elevation and back down and the pressure
just really built up in my ear and it got clogged again so today we’re going
to the doctor I absolutely don’t like going to the doctor and so this is a
rare occasion but we’re gonna go to the doctor and see what the doctor has to
say I might have a middle ear infection so you have like your inner ear your
middle here and your outer ear and based off of the symptoms that I have my
theory I’m not a doctor but I think that I might have a middle ear infection I
could be totally wrong so that’s what we’re gonna find out all right so we’re almost to the doctor
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see you on the other side all right so here’s what happened went in saw the
doctor and he looked at my right ear first and he said it was just wide open
he could see my ear canal and then he tried to look in my left ear and he said
he couldn’t even see my ear canal he said he didn’t really see any wax in
there but it was all just swollen and he couldn’t even see my eardrum so he
prescribed me two different things when he prescribed me ear drops that it’s an
antibiotic that will go in my outer ear that will hopefully bring the swelling
down and he said it looks like I have an outer ear infection so that I’ll take
care of that and the other thing he’s prescribed was a nasal spray that will
clear out the fluid from my middle ear so yeah awesome hopefully this works so
he said it’ll take like a week week and a half or so so try to give you guys an
update if I get my hearing back but I know I still can’t hear at all on the
left side of my ear so if it makes me talk funny or anything
that’s why or I just talk funny all the time so cool awesome beautiful day today
if you’re new to this channel my wife and I have
basically left where we used to live on the ranch and we have turned our truck
into kind of a home on wheels yeah we have a tent up here on the top and then
we have a bunch of storage in the back of our truck and the rest of the today
if we’re gonna go through all of our stuff that we’re gonna be taking on the
road we’re gonna go through the back of the the truck start to organize all of
this you can see organize this drawer that pulls out it’s got a bunch of stuff
in it right now but just get all organized and consolidated and that way
we’ll be set to go we’re leaving here in a week so I haven’t told you guys where
we’re going yet but we’re super excited I’ll tell you this tell you a little bit
more so it’s probably gonna be a little bit colder not warming those of you who
have been watching our channel for a while and enjoy the ranching stuff I
think you’re gonna like some of the videos come out so those are the two
little hints that I’m gonna give you but that’s it for today thanks for watching
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