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Helicos BioSciences Corporation, NASDAQ: HLCS
was a publicly traded life science company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts
focused on genetic analysis technologies for the research, drug discovery and diagnostic
markets. The firm’s Helicos Genetic Analysis Platform
was the first DNA-sequencing instrument to operate by imaging individual DNA molecules. In May 2010, the company announced a 50% layoff
and a re-focusing on molecular diagnostics. After long financial troubles, in November
2010, Helicos was delisted from NASDAQ.Helicos was co-founded in 2003 by life science entrepreneur
Stanley Lapidus, Stephen Quake, and Noubar Afeyan with investments from Atlas Venture,
Flagship Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, MPM Capital, and Versant Ventures. Helicos’s technology images the extension
of individual DNA molecules using a defined primer and individual fluorescently labeled
nucleotides, which contain a “Virtual Terminator” preventing incorporation of multiple nucleotides
per cycle. The “Virtual Terminator” technology was developed
by Dr. Suhaib Siddiqi, while at Helicos Biosciences.In the August 2009 issue of Nature Biotechnology,
Dr. Stephen Quake, a professor of bioengineering at Stanford University and a co-founder of
Helicos BioSciences, sequenced his own genome, using Single Molecule Sequencing for under
$50,000 in reagents.On November 15, 2012, Helicos BioSciences filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.The
patents that Helicos had licensed from Cal Tech (where Quake was when he made the underlying
inventions) were subsequently licensed to Direct Genomics, founded by Jiankui He, a
former post-doc in Quake’s lab who gained notoriety in November 2018 when he created
the first germline genome-edited babies.==See also==
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