Help Me! There’s Something Stuck In My Ear! – Bizarre ER – BBC Three

First, we’re heading to Northampton. Where budding builder, Lewis King, has come
to A&E not like most brickies, with a pencil tucked neatly behind the ear. Bizarrely, he’s stuffed his little scribbler
inside his shell, like. My grandson has put a pencil down his ear,
and it has broken in the ear, but it was a week before he told us he did that. Staff need to get to the point fast, as the
pencil lurking in Lewis’ ‘lug’ole is potentially more serious than you’d think. The worst case scenario is if he gets a deep
rooted infection, and then that can affect his hearing, balance co-ordination and if
left long enough, could even go deaf with it. How big was the pencil? That big? That big? Smaller? So just a tiny bit then. Ok. Dr. Philip’s confident that retrieving the
piece of pencil will be a piece of cake. So, nice and still for me. But, drawing it out proves more difficult
than he’d hoped. You’ve done a good job of it, I’ll tell you
that. After a fair bit of prodding and poking, the
pencil- or is it? Is that all of it, or just part of it? That’s all of it I think. Yeah, that’s all of it. Let’s have another look in your ear. That looks more like a watch battery to me. Are you sure it was a pencil? Don’t think it actually was now. Where he would have got that from and how
it’s got in there I do not know. Dr. Philip has a quick look to see there’s
nothing else in the ear. A compass, protractor, the odd AA battery. You’re doing really well Lewis. Lewis’ ear hole might be unblocked, but it’s
not all good news for our battery operated boy. Right, I can’t see your ear drum. Which means it’s gone. Which mean’s you’ve made a hole in it. Now, that can happen with things like this,
so it’s important- we don’t do anything to repair it or anything. It will repair itself. Luckily for Lewis, the ear drum is much like
skin and should grow back naturally over the next 6 weeks. I’ll get rid of that for you. You can give it a wash when you get home. He might have lost an ear drum, but Lewis
has gained a nice souvenir of his time in A&E and learned a valuable lesson. It’s been a bit of an eye opener for Dr. Philip
too. The fact that he said it was a pencil and
it turned out to be a watch battery, I’ll tell you that’s pretty bizarre. Gran takes little Lewis back to mum, let’s
hope she doesn’t give him an ear full when he gets home.

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