Help With Eye Issues

He has cataracts and like to know what can be done. [Dr E] Yeah we can… I don’t know the one specific thing I can tell you some supplements that are universally good
because most people are deficient in them and we need
them as we get stressed the toxic right so the very first one I think people
should have is fish oil essential fatty acid because it’s anti-inflammatory and it’s a component of rebuilding nervousness then you mentioned vitamin D that’s also ninety percent of population is deficient and it’s enormously yes it’s in the Sun but
everybody are (is) so scared of skin cancer that they either stay out of the sun or
they smear themselves with sunblock so most people don’t get ten minutes of
sunlight a day even in sunny regions and in wintertime they don’t get it even if
they want to so yeah but if people were out 20 minutes a day they
me enough but you’re also most people don’t don’t get it on their skin we’re
wearing clothes. Then from there on you want to look into then it
gets a little more complex involved but you’re basically then looking at me
antioxidants. Because antioxidants suppose of the damage the body happens
from free radicals. Which are caused by toxins and stress and yaddy ya.
antioxidants will reverse will counteract some of that and the number
one antioxidant is called glutathione. There’s very inexpensive simple supplements to take that the first one is NAC. [Woman off screen] That’s one of my questions can you get these in foods? [Dr E] Yes you can, if you eat perfectly and you’re eating organic food and you have great
supplies yes you can you can always get it in food but the food quality is so
poor and because we’re so stressed we oftentimes need a little extra [woman off screen] Okay, and then that was my third question How do you know your body absorbs all these supplements that you take and how do you remove ____ can’t help you with the last one but
it’s a good question because if you remember what we just talked about the
stress will shut down your parasympathetic which means that shuts
down digestion that’s your absorption so if you’re stressed not only do you need
more nutrients but you don’t absorb the ones you take so that’s why a long term approach to balancing your stress responses is the key and number one thing in all health issues. So that’s breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and so on because and it’s not a quick
fix it’s not something you’ll do five minutes for a month ago we gotta got
that one taken care of it’s the lifestyle and we need to stop we need to
understand that we can’t just do what everyone else is doing and watch
commercials to participate in the right place we got to take a few minutes to
step back and look at it a little bit differently and when we do that we start reshaping
our nervous system.

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