‘Hemifacial spasms Cured’ !! Patient Stories explained by Dr Jaydev Panchawagh..हेमिफेशियल स्पास्म

Hello and welcome to this very new episode
of brain and spine surgery..I am Dr Jaydev Panchawagh and today I want to discuss about
Hemifacial spasms. So what are Hemifacial spasms? Hemifacial Spasms in short are repeated contractions
of one side of the face and it usually starts with the muscles around the eye.. remember
that it is always on one side of the face either on the right or left, never together. The contractions are not symmetrical and it
usually starts with a flicker while the person is speaking, and then the cheek also starts
getting pulled towards one side. so if you see in this particular video, you
will see that this person’s face as he speaks is getting twitches on the right side of his
cheek. and his eyes momentarily close.In one of my articles, I had called it winking disease. Here you can see the entire face and the muscles
around the eye getting twitches as he is speaking. So as I said in this particular case, he was
not able to sleep properly because of these spasms and was not able to read properly because
of continuous blinking. The cosmetic problem that these patients face
are tremendous and they cannot mingle in the society. They cannot attend functions, especially people
who are working in jobs which demand public speaking. It is almost impossible for these people to
function normally.And then life takes a really bad turn for them. And that’s why it needs treatment in time. The treatment which has a potential to cure
this problem is Microvascular Decompression, and as we have been performing these surgeries
for the last fifteen years, we have a large subset of people and cases with us….so this
helps us to show you in detail about what Hemifacial spasms are. This is another case in which you can see
that as this person is speaking there are repeated spasms. This is on the left side, and they are cosmetically
really disabling. and this is one month after his MVD surgery the spasms are gone… thats
what he is telling us….and this is four years after his surgery and the spasms are
still cured. He is telling us that he is able to mingle
with people in the society and his level of confidence is tremendously increased after
the surgery. this is another case…another lady….and
this after surgery. The spasms are gone. This is one and a half months after surgery. we have one more video five years after surgery,
wherein she describes again that her spasms are gone and how she used to suffer from these
Hemifacial spasms. Another case…very very severe Hemifacial
spasms….this person had extremely severe HFS and this is immediately after surgery. One hour after surgery. I am checking his facial nerve function which
is normal. His spasms have totally stopped. You can see he is speaking with normal facial
movements.And this is after fifteen days of surgery. This is another example of very severe Hemifacial
spasms, this is before-surgery interview…and right-sided Hemifacial spasms….and the same
person after four months, when he came for follow-up, we requested him to give an interview
for education purpose and he gladly agreed. He is describing here how the spasms were
affecting him. You can see that his spasms are gone. This is another case of very severe Hemifacial
spasms. so severe that his eye is almost closed, while
he is speaking. As I remember h was from the place called
Dahanu, near Mumbai…and he had come to Pune specifically for this surgery to our centre. It was succesful… this is two and a half
months after surgery, sharing his experience. So Hemifacial spasms can be cured. If cases are chosen properly and by teams
which have experience in treating this problem. This is another lady who came all the way
from Delhi to Pune to our centre for treatment. she had severe spasms and she was not able
to mingle in the society. Here she is four days after her operation. And very very confident face. Her spasms are gone totally. She is describing the severity of her spasms
and this is her interview one month after surgery and the spasms are gone. This is another case…this particular case
that we operated on four years ago, in which this gentleman is a bank manager and obviously
he had to speak to people everyday in the course of his profession. With this kind of cosmetic problem, life was
becoming difficult. This is how he is four years after his surgery,
that he is describing his experiences and he is completely free of Hemifacial spasms. He is demonstrating here how he had spasms
pre-operatively. Here is another example of very severe right
sided Hemifacial spasm, as this lady is speaking , her face is getting repeatedly contracted
on one side. After four months, she is describing her experience
about her surgery and getting cured of Hemifacial spasms by MVD surgery at our centre. She was very happy. These were a few of the examples of severe
Hemifacial spasms operated at our MVD centre. We have experience of more than fifteen years
of treating this disease now. This was just less than 2% of the total number
that we have operated. We cannot include all the testimonials. This is just to give you an idea of how Hemifacial
spasm looks like, what is Hemifacial spasm, and also to give hope to those suffering from
it. Actually, this can be cured, if the patients
are selected properly and surgery is done by a team that is experienced in this surgery. It is very important that the entire team
is experienced and also the selection is proper. So, this was a short video about what Hemifacial
spasms are. i have made some more videos about hemifacial
spasms individual cases, I have made a few videos about surgeries, the technique of surgery
that we use. We use Microscopic as well as Endoscopic technique
for operating on these cases, as indicated, as a particular case requires. so if you have any questions or any suggestions,
you may please use the comment box below. Please subscribe to this channel. If you want to know more about other brain
problems and spine problems, do certainly subscribe to this channel. Thank you very much for watching this video
and I hope we meet again. So from Dr Jaydev Panchwagh, its goodbye time
on behalf of Synapse Brain and Spine Foundation.

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