HICCUPS: How To Give Yourself Hiccups | 4 Easy Ways!

Hello boys and girls. In this video we’re
gonna be learning how to hiccup or how to make yourself hiccup, but why would
you want to know how to hiccup on command? Well I’ll tell you why because
the ladies dig it. You didn’t hear that from me. “Queries Of The Interweb.” How’s
it going guys? Joel here and I amusingly answer questions that are searched for
every single day on the interweb by immature people. I hope you feel good
about yourself right now. Hitting my subscribe button also gives you the
hiccups just if you want to test it out so yeah. Can you give yourself the
hiccups? Well I’m gonna show you four ways to hiccup on purpose like a boss.
You’ll have the ladies drooling over you by the end of this video.
So this first way to give yourself the hiccups is to chug a carbonated beverage.
Go get that Diet Pepsi from your fridge. I know you have one Margaret. Get that
Diet Pepsi and chug it. If you can stand the burn that can very well help you get
the hiccups. You want to drink it fast and drink a lot of it if you can. Don’t
hurt yourself. The second way to induce hiccups is to
eat spicy food. Spicy food can trigger hiccups. It can do some messed-up thing
to your throat nerve ending thingy’s…I’m very scientific. The chances of success
with this method are a little smaller so if it’s worth the burn go ahead and give
it a shot okay I’m not your mother so don’t ask me permission or not. I don’t
care whatever. For this third way to give yourself the hiccups you are going to
take a hot beverage and a very icy cold beverage. You’re gonna drink the hot
beverage, then the cold beverage, then the hot beverage then the cold beverage then,
the hot [bad beat-boxing] Sorry. These sudden temperature
changes in your stomach can induce hiccups. You could try the same thing
with food. Hot pocket, ice cream, hot pocket ice, cream [bad beat-boxing] I’m sorry. I’m not a beatboxer I’m not a rapper. This fourth and final
way of how to hiccup on purpose is swallow mouthfuls of air okay. If you
know how to make yourself burp start doing it. If you keep burping that could
very well help you trigger a hiccup. Don’t accidentally puke or anything
because this could backfire. Well boys and girls now that you know how to give
yourself hiccups go ahead and smash that subscribe button. I swear it’ll give you
hiccups if you click on my subscribe button you will get hiccups right away.
Like I said you’re gonna be getting tons of ladies tons of chicks alright alright.
Tons of ladies. I’ll see you in the next video. Peace!


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