HOME REMEDY FOR PAIN IN EAR II कान दर्द का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health care at home. One of viewer Ms.Priya Kulkarni from Kolhapur
has sent us a mail. She says that she has six years old daughter. And her daughter gets terrible pain in her ears. she has written that she also gets ear pain
some times. She requested us to suggest some remedy. When her daughter gets pain at night, she
gets troubled as she has to go to office next morning. So suggest some home remedy, so that she and
her daughter both can be relieved from the ear pain. Ms.Priya I am going to suggest you very simple
home remedy. What you have to do is take mustard oil. Approximately four to five teaspoon mustard
oil or approximately half bowl. Take eight cloves of garlic after peeling
and cutting into two to three pieces. Add this garlic cloves in the oil and make
the oil hot. Burn the garlic in the oil. After burning let it cool down and when it
becomes lukewarm, strain the oil and remove the garlic. You can also remove garlic with the help of spoon. Put this oil in the ears of your child. If you also have ear pain then you can also
put this oil in your ears. Put four to five drops of oil in the ear. Then tell her to make grinding action from
her mouth like this. Tell her to move her mouth like grinding teeth,as when you do this then the EARDRUM opens up properly. Tell her to do it fast fast. Let the oil be for half an hour. After that turn and wipe with cotton. If some oil remains in the ear then let it be. This remedy is very effective on your ear
pain or when some insects goes in the ear or if you have problem of water retention in the ear. This remedy has been used since ancient times. The olden age doctors also use to suggest
this remedy for ear pain. So take garlic and mustard oil. Burn the garlic in the mustard oil. Remove the garlic and use that mustard oil. Your ear pain and your daughters ear pain
will be cured completely. Any ways we always wish that you stay healthy,
stay happy, be busy and keep watching our show. Thank you.


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