How an Esteem® Hearing Implant Uses the Ear’s Anatomy to Let Sound in the Way Nature Intended?

You’ve been patiently waiting for years, perhaps even decades.. and with each new incremental advance in hearing
aid technology or design you thought… someday there’ll be a
genuine breakthrough one incredibly less restrictive,
remarkably more long-term.. that feels more natural.. that someday is today. Finally, the Esteem hearing
implant, with the design so unique it’s more than
invisible and performance so reliable it’s a 24/7 solution. The Esteem hearing
implant The Esteem is invisible there are no
external components and nothing in your ear canal, no
artificial microphone no speaker, instead the Esteem is fully
implanted and uses the body’s natural anatomy to
improve hearing “when the device was was first turned on it it did feel a bit strange because I was expecting hearing to sound like it did with a hearing aid and and it doesn’t it is different
because it’s not coming through a device on your ear you are actually hearing through the
ear canal like people with normal hearing do hear. ” Esteem is the only FDA approved fully implanted hearing device this means that unlike a traditional
hearing aid there are no external components and nothing in the ear canal making Esteem invisible and free of daily maintenance. Esteem
is designed to work with your natural anatomy it does not use a speaker or an
artificial microphone by utilizing the natural structures of
the outer ear: the ear canal and the eardrum background
noise, distortion, and acoustic feedback typical of conventional hearing aids are
reduced. The Esteem sensor converts vibrations from the eardrum and sends electrical signals to the
sound processor. The processor, which includes a battery that lasts year’s, not weeks or months, sends a signal to
the driver that has been filtered and amplified. The
driver then converts the signal into an intensified mechanical vibration but sends an amplified wave through the
cochlea producing high-quality sound beyond being invisible and waterproof
the Esteem needs no daily maintenance so you never put it in or take it out
never remove it or clean it the Esteem replaces all the daily
drudgery of the hearing aid with the freedom to enjoy a go anywhere
lifestyle “The Envoy device frankly gives me far
greater clarity what’s really important to me is that it’s in in my ear turned on 24/7 and I can go and jump off a sailboat if I need to
without worrying about forgetting to take my hearing aids off. ” The Esteem is a
long-term 24/7 hearing solution not a temporary one. Even its battery
last year’s instead of just a few weeks you can sleep, exercise, shower or swim
underwater if you like all without a second thought. “The sound
that I have, I’ve had probably a half a dozen hearing aids in my life nothing compares to the Esteem implant not even in the same hemisphere.” Esteem is the only
FDA-approved fully implanted. active middle ear
hearing device specifically engineered to help improve
the hearing of adults diagnosed with moderate to severe
sensorineural hearing loss as such it is uniquely capable of
providing you with a unique combination of real-world benefits the Esteem hearing
implant doesn’t just improve how well you hear
and look it also may enhance how well you live “To me this is one of those priceless items. ” “it was something that I’ve
literally been waiting for for frankly twenty years and to be honest I have not been
disappointed in anyway shape or form.” “So I’m definitely
out there more and enjoying life so much more.” “Now with the Esteem I have tremendous improvement in the
quality of hearing that I have in my life.” “They turned it on and it was a miracle it was the start of my miracle.” the invisible Esteem hearing implant
here how much better life can be talk to your
hearing professional today

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