How collaboration leads to better ear, nose and throat care | Ohio State Medical Center

I got into medicine because I thought it was just really cool honestly. I happen to be someone who was good at science and it was something that was an interesting thing, especially when I got into college and started doing some anatomy classes and some physiology classes. It just seemed to really fit my personality very well. Once I got a little bit more knowledge about different parts of the body, I knew that the head and neck was something that was really appealing to me, and truthfully it was a lot of that was the complexity of the anatomy and the head and neck and some of the pathology we were dealing with. I really liked how we could really improve people’s quality of life, whether that be with swallowing or with sinus problems. In my case, really what’s stuck out the most was I improved people’s hearing, their balance and resecting somebody’s tumors that live in these very complex areas and in addition to the complex anatomy, the head and neck, those things really just led me to where I am now. Ohio State has been great to me so far in a lot of ways. One of the biggest things was that the Department of Otolaryngology is very excellent. It’s world renowned. There’s a lot of really awesome people who work in this department who are experts in their fields. It allows us to collaborate in a lot of different ways. We can really do about anything we need to do to help someone. Obviously, in our case, anything related to the ear where we have the capability of really addressing in a comprehensive matter and we have a number of other people who live outside of our direct field who can also give really valuable insights into making sure we’re doing the best job we can taking care of patients.

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