How Cosmetic Fillers Might Cause Eye Irritation at Time of Treatment, but Not Days After

Thank you for your question. You state
in your question that you had Restylane placed
under your eye and that you were advised to massage any lumps. And after you massaged
some lumps , that 8 hours later, you developed bloodshot eyes, blurred visions and you are
concerned whether or not you had some of the materials into a vessel that could affect
the eyes. Certainly, I can assist you with this question
and in the absence of physical exam. I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship
trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Manhattan and Long Island
for over 20 years. The oculoplastic surgery means that background first training in ophthalmology
before training in advanced surgery of the eyelids. So I think that it’s an unusual history
that would be consistent with what your concern is. When injectables are performed around
the eyes, it is possible that an injection can be done at the time by entering a vessel
that can then push the material into other vessels you don’t want to be in. With that
being said, if the material is already in place, then it seems unlikely that the material
would end up inside a vessel and then end up affecting the eye. In medicine, there is
very often a temporal association where an event A and an event B happens and then you
think that event B was caused by event A and sometimes I refer to it as correlation causation
error which is a very common issue in the medical field as well as in clinical studies
where you take in fact A and fact B and try to connect them. What you need to do is see an ophthalmologist.
These symptoms are concerning and regardless of the relationship with the filler, posting
a question will certainly give you some guidance but the sudden onset of red eye and blurred
vision is a concern to anyone who has an ophthalmology background. Now this may be as simple as conjunctivitis
but without a physical examination, we don’t want to make that assumption. So my advice
is to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Get a proper examination to make sure that
the eye health is fine and that everything else can be a secondary concern from that
point forward. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the
best of luck and thank you for your question!

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