How Dead Eye ACTUALLY works for Arthur – Dead Eye

Here boy Hey there sir Howdy How you doing today? Mighty fine You look like you got some heavy pockets yeah… we’re looking to relieve you of that burden nope what do you mean no? Now listen… I don’t want any trouble Well shit – looks like some trouble found you sir Now… stay here boy way I see things playing out… we got 2 options here option 1: You can put your guns away hightail it out of here we wont have no trouble well I’m keen to hear option 2 well… option 2 You can both end up dead choice is yours well shit I think I’m kind of keen to see how option 2 plays out me too brother well… don’t say I didn’t warn you… He’s going so slow whats happening? Do we shoot him? I think we just shoot him I think so yeah that was… I dont know what happened… what a bizarre encounter. I do not feel comfortable with how this played out at all Hey there mr and mrs You better subscribe to this here channel yeah thats right! and tick the bell – cause thats down there You gotta tick that bell now get! go watch some more videos! Get! Go. Get. Go. Get out of here. Go watch some more videos


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