How Does Natural Hearing Work?

this animation will demonstrate how
natural hearing works the outer part of the year the Pinna
catches approaching sound waves and funnels them down the ear canal both
the pinna and the ear canal naturally minimize background noise
while selectively amplifying frequency specific to human speech as the sound wave reaches the end of the
ear canal it causes the tympanic membrane
commonly referred to as the eardrum to vibrate and engage the three tiny bones in the ossicular chain first the malleus then the incus and
finally the stapes these tiny bones act as levers
magnifying the vibration picked up from the eardrum on its way to mechanically stimulating
the cochlea the stapes transfers the mechanical energy from the vibration
to the cochlea by pushing the cochlea’s oval window
this causes a wave to travel through the fluid-filled cochlea stimulating thousands of tiny hair-like
cells which send an electrical signal off to
the brain for interpretation the result is you’re hearing a sound

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