How Does the Esteem Hearing® Implant Work?

the sound processor of your Esteem will
be implanted behind your ear once implanted no portion of the device
will be visible to you or others the Esteem uses the natural ear to pick
up sound it does not use a microphone or a
speaker the outer part of the ear catches approaching sound and funnels it
down the ear canal because the Esteem does not have any
external components in the ear or ear canal there is no occlusion nor any irritation
As sound reaches the eardrum it causes it to vibrate and engage the
middle ear the Esteem senses the vibrations off of the incus and turns them into electrical signals
which are sent to the sound processor in order to be adjusted for your specific
hearing needs the improved signals are then sent to
the driver which mechanically stimulates the stapes and in turn the cochlea this causes a
wave to travel through the fluid-filled cochlea stimulating thousands of tiny hair-like
cells which send an electrical signal off to the brain for interpretation

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