How Firecrackers Can Completely Destroy Your Hearing

– In the United States, the Fourth of July marks
our Independence Day and in celebration, millions of Americans
enjoy watching fireworks and setting off firecrackers. So in this video, I’m gonna talk about firecrackers can
completely destroy your hearing. Comin’ up. (bright music) Hi guys, Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing
Solutions in Anthem, Arizona. And on this channel I cover a bunch of hearing related information to help make you a
better informed consumer. So if you’re into that, consider hitting the subscribe button. I love firecrackers just
as much as the next guy, but after seeing what they
can do to your hearing, I take extra precaution in
order to protect my ears from the loud explosion of a firecracker. I can’t tell you how
many patients I’ve seen that have lost hearing
because they went unprotected when setting off firecrackers. I’ve even seen patients who
have gone completely deaf because of an explosion
too close to their ear. Not to mention the pain and suffering that you’ll go through when
you rupture your eardrum if that explosion happens
to close to your ear. When we take a look at the noise level that a firecracker creates
it’s easy to see how it can create an
instantaneous hearing loss. A firecracker ranks even
higher than a jet engine, and it’s up there with a gunshot. Take a look at someone
screaming in your ear, the average person can
sustain this level of noise for 1 1/2 minutes before
risking damage to their hearing. But when it comes to a firecracker, this damage is instantaneous. In fact, the damage caused by
a firecracker can be so severe that it can cause distorted
hearing, Hyperacusis, or like I mentioned before, even deafness. Lets talk about distortion. Distortion happens when
the inner hair cells of your inner ear are damaged. These hair cells are microscopic and they’re actually what take sound and send it up to your brain. Even if you sustain a hearing loss and you amplify it with
something like a hearing aid, the inner hair cells are what
take that amplified sound and send it to your brain cleanly. If you don’t have the inner hair cells, you don’t get a clean signal. Hyperacusis is even worse. This is when a normal is
perceived as being painful to you. And the biggest problem with this is, is that if you sustain a
hearing loss from a firecracker, you need the amplified sound in order for you to understand speech. However, if you amplify sound
it becomes painful for you. So you can see how it’s
a double edged sword because you need amplification but at the same time you can’t
tolerate the amplification. Then you have complete deafness. This occurs when every structure inside of the cochlear is killed and it can easily happen if
you have a firecracker go off too close to your ear. There are only a few
things that you can do when you damage your hearing so bad that it causes you to go deaf. Number one is, is that
if you only have deafness on one side you could
use a cross-transmitter to take sound from that side and send it over to your better ear. However, the other option is
actually undergoing surgery to get a cochlear
implant so you can bypass that hearing organ that
you completely destroyed and stimulate that nerve directly. Hearing loss due to loud
noise exposure is no joke and you should take all
forms of noise seriously, especially when you’re
setting off firecrackers. All it takes is one firecracker to completely destroy your hearing, and it is very easy to prevent. All you have to do is
wear hearing protection, or at a bare minimum, stick
your fingers in your ears. So this Fourth of July, when you’re setting off your firecrackers and you’re taking out that box of M-80s and throwing them up into the air, make sure you do yourself a
favor and protect your hearing. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. That’s it for this video
have a happy Fourth of July, if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below if you liked the video please share it. And if you want to see other
videos just like this one, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


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