How much is insurance on a HELLCAT

okay so this video today is going to be
about what would it cost for a 19 year old myself on insurance on the on a
hellcat so for some reason a charger is more on insurance I get just because of
its track record I guess it has more accidents or something I’m not sure why
it’s more than the Challenger Hellcat but some reason it is so on a charger
hellcat it would be about thirty five hundred dollars a year I forget what
that lands in a payment I think monthly that’s like 275 maybe more 285 I’m not
sure however on a Hellcat the payment is 250 a month and three thousand yearly so
really I mean the the difference is quite a bit surprisingly I don’t know
why it’s like that but ya know it’s quite a bit what I’m surprised about
though is considering you have 707 horsepower I’m I myself being 19 years
old and I do have a clean driving record no speeding tickets or anything like
that however still for 700-plus horsepower car I think that that is very
very reasonable that insurance most times it is nowhere close to that price
and I was I was very impressed definitely if I could obviously I’d go
with the Challenger just simply because the insurance is cheaper again I’m
assuming that the charge is just a bit more because of the track record of more
accidents maybe more speeding tickets in it I’m not sure but that’s not bad
considering I think myself on my comments pickup-truck pay think it’s
about $1,800 a year so it’s actually not too bad I’m sure I know on
my mom has an LD and on the LD it’s like if it was just me and my cell phone
there it’s like 2,600 bucks and hers is like a 2012 87 so really it makes no
sense to me why you know like these are great on insurance anybody who says
they’re not there you’re a lot better on insurance and most Ward cars out there
so that that’s my video for today and if you have any further questions about you
know insurance quotes for you know other other ages and things like that
it’ll be Lysa from what I’m seeing the average insurance cost yearly is about
$1,900 and there’s guys who pay about fourteen hundred dollars twelve hundred
dollars on insurance as well but you know I’m showing you worst case scenario
I mean me myself being nineteen I do have a clean record I’m sure people who
don’t have a clean record a amazingly high on insurance so that that’s just a
quote for myself it’s you are you know younger and thinking about purchasing
one of these vehicles it’s just showing you that on a health cat even sure
obviously on a 392 would be less or a r/t definitely it would be less so
that’s my video for today if you do have any further questions please comment
down below


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