How Phone Screens Damage Our Eyes (And HOW TO BE SAFE)

Is your computer screen, cell phone or television
damaging your vision? Retina damage – the light-sensitive tissue
in the back of our eyes – isn’t just damaged by staring into the sun. Moderate light exposure from electronic devices
may be causing you to go blind in ways even Stevie Wonder would warn against. Sure, you can be a visionary even without
your eyesight, but why ruin it with the use of your cell phone and computer? The Chesapeake Bay Waterman Study found that
even fishermen who stared out over water reflecting the sun’s rays suffered macular degeneration
– or damage to the retina. But, even if light doesn’t have the intensity
of sunlight, the brightness can cause our eyes to become fatigued as they are trying
to adjust to the level of “sudden” illumination. How often have you reached for your cellphone
in the middle of the night only to feel like you were literally being blinded by its brightness. This feeling wasn’t just a hunch. Long-term exposure to sudden bright light
from your cellphone or computer screen can damage your eyes. It’s got a fancy name – photo-oxidative
damage – when light reacts with the retina to produce molecules that are reactive to
the surrounding molecules in the eyes – but all you need to know is that these sudden
bright lights can be harmful to your eyes. Little Stevie Wonder was a 12-year old musical
prodigy without sight, but you needn’t join him by losing your own. Turn down the brightness of your cell phone
or computer at night, or allow your eyes to adjust to light slowly. You’ll save your vision, and get to keep
your illuminated genius, too.


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