How the bendy straw was invented | Moments of Vision 12 – Jessica Oreck

In a Moment of Vision… It’s the 1930s, San Francisco. Joseph B. Friedman
and his young daughter Judith are sitting at the counter
in a soda parlor. Judith has just ordered a milkshake. Vanilla or strawberry, we may never know. When the milkshake arrives,
Joseph watches as little Judith struggles. Seated on the parlor stool, she is unable to reach the mouth
of the striped paper straw protruding from her shake. Joseph, in a moment of vision,
modifies Judith’s straw. He inserts a screw into one end, and using a piece of dental floss, crushes the paper between the threads
of the screw creating a series
of tiny equidistant corrugations. After removing the screw, the straw is able to bend over the side
of the glass and Judith is able to savor her milkshake. Joseph initially markets
the new flexible straw to hospitals to help patients
drink while reclining, but eventually, with the marketing
and business savvy from his sister Betty, the bendy straw becomes a beloved utensil
of every child and a regular household item.

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