How the ear works?

Hi everyone welcome to the third episode of Understanding Audio I´m PRTLA and today we are going to talk about: how the ear works? This video belongs to the psychoacoustic category of Understanding Audio Series Lets see the parts of the ear: The Acoustic energy travel as pressure waves using the air as the medium Then it´s transform to mechanical waves using the bones as the medium the stirrup puts pressure on the oval window Transforming the acoustic energy into pressure waves using the fluid perilymph as the medium The inflow pressure occur at the oval window The outflow pressure occur at the circular window Lets see inside the cochlea To do that we need to unfold it and make it transparent When the perilymph moves makes another fluid named endolymph on the next scale moves too Parts of the cochlea The organ of corti starts to work at 20 Hz and goes till 20 KHz This is known as the human hearing range Don´t forget to subscribe to this channel to keep in touch with this Understanding Audio series, Have a good time!


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