How the SOUNDBRIDGE works with SAMBA Audio Processor

The Vibrant Soundbridge
is a middle ear implant hearing system suitable for those
with sensorineural hearing loss or mixed or conductive hearing loss. The Vibrant Soundbridge is a solution for people who are unable to experience an improvement
with conventional hearing aids or cannot use them for medical reasons. The Vibrant Soundbridge
middle ear implant system consists of an externally worn
audio processor and an implant
which is surgically positioned under the skin. The audio processor is held
directly over the implant by magnetic attraction and can be comfortably worn
under the hair. The microphones of the audio processor
pick up sound waves. The audio processor converts sound into electrical signals. These signals are transmitted through the skin to the implant. The implant relays the signals
through the conductor link to the Floating Mass Transducer, or FMT. The FMT converts the signals
into mechanical vibrations which set the structures of the middle ear
into motion. The versatility of the FMT
has led to a variety of surgical applications known as Vibroplasty. The Incus Vibroplasty, for example,
involves attaching an FMT to the incus. This procedure is a treatment
for sensorineural hearing loss. Round window Vibroplasty sees the FMT
being placed on the round window niche for treatment of
conductive and mixed hearing loss. The FMT can also be placed
on different vibratory structures of the middle ear in order to stimulate movement
of these structures. The intensity
of the mechanical vibrations can be adjusted
to the patient’s particular type of hearing loss. The FMT transfers vibrations
to the inner ear and further to the brain where these signals
are perceived as sound. The success of the Vibrant Soundbridge
as a treatment for various hearing losses can be traced to its unique design. The implant is only attached
to the structure of the middle ear which it is stimulating. This makes the Vibrant Soundbridge
independent of skull growth and therefore suitable
for implantation in children. The new generation of the VORP implant
is MR Conditional at 1.5 Tesla meaning that future imaging procedures
won’t be compromised. The audio processor
offers the latest hearing technology that adapts
to different listening environments and individual listening usage. A remote control ensures easy handling. Wireless connectivity options
enable connection to mobile phones and assistive listening devices. The covers of the new audio processor
can be interchanged. The favourite colour or design
can be chosen for every occasion. Users can benefit
from future upgrades in technology, as the audio processor
is worn externally. This highlights just one
of the distinct advantages of this partially implantable
hearing system solution. Rediscover hearing with the latest generation
of the Vibrant Soundbridge System the new standard
in middle ear implants.

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