How To Activate or Deactivate Dark Theme on YouTube Desktop

Hi Guys! This is Birju from and today
I’m going to show you “How To Activate or Deactivate Dark Theme on YouTube Desktop”. YouTube’s Dark Theme not only gives you
the cinematic experience but also protect your eyes at night from eye strain. OK, let’s get started. Before going through this video tutorial,
make sure that you are using the new YouTube website which can be enabled by visiting the
URL that I have mentioned in the description below and installed the latest browser on
your computer. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and
Edge supports dark theme in Windows. Now open any supported web browser on your
desktop computer or laptop. In my case, I am opening Chrome. Now type in the address bar and
hit enter to load YouTube. If you have not signed in, then click on “three
vertical dots” before “SIGN IN” option or if you have already signed in to your account,
then click on your profile icon which you can see in the top right corner. Here you can see the drop-down menu. Now click on “Dark theme off” option. Here in the “Dark theme window” in the bottom
right corner, you can see the toggle switch from where you can activate or deactivate
the dark theme. Click on the toggle switch to activate the
dark theme. Now you can see the whole white background
turns into dark color. This is the YouTube’s Dark theme. If you wanted to switch back to the default
theme, then re-access the “Settings” or “Profile” option and this time select “Dark theme on”
option from the drop-down menu. Now deactivate the dark theme by clicking
here on the toggle switch. So that’s it for today guys. If you like this video, please SUBSCRIBE to
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