How to Administer Ear Drops | Tips for Less Fussing

Today I wanted to talk about actually,
How do I put in ear drops? So we often prescribe ear drops for your
infections if there’s been a hole in the eardrum or if your child has tubes and
we need to be putting in ear drops so the best way to administer ear drops and
we’ll say it’s going to be five drops twice a day for typically five days and
we’ll do it for both ears right after you have your tubes placed. The best way
to place this, if you gently pull the ear back what this does is it straightens
out the ear canal. The drops come in a little bottle with a nozzle on the end
of it. When you give them, nozzle goes down, it doesn’t have to go all the way
into the ear, and then you give your drops, one two three four five, and then
here’s your key move push here, one two three, what this does is it pushes the
drop down towards the eardrum itself and that’s easier than asking your child to
stay, don’t move I’ve always had a hard time keeping my son still for about five minutes, so if you push here that’ll help push that drop
down toward the eardrum. If you’ve had tubes for both ears then the same thing,
gently pull the ear back, give your drops, one two three four five, then here, push
right here, and that’s it.

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